A to Z: Vol 1


In 2015, from first day of April I wrote daily ( except Sundays) on each alphabet of the English Language. This index is to store those twenty six blog pieces for looking back and further readings.

  • Air Travel : A fictional poem about emotions one goes through during an air travel.
  • Beginning: A poem inspired by a quote from Women Who Run With The Wolves.
  • Captive: A piece inspired by Photography and abstract form of time.
  • Deeper: A poem to dig deeper.
  • Ephemeral: A piece to confine fleeting time from a short journey of life.
  • Fog: A poem about Fog from far.
  • Googled: A short story, a modern day fairy tale about a common romance.
  • Home: A poem on home.
  • Invincible: A photo clicked at Malibu on one sunny afternoon and a poem for modern women.
  • Jaded: An abstract dedicated to numbness and new beginnings.
  • Key to that happiness: A piece on self-discovery and my love for hiking.
  • Love is a new book: A piece written on bibliophile and books.
  • Meanings: A piece on perception and meanings.
  • Netflix and My Top 10 Favorite films: A piece about optimism my most favorite films on Netflix.
  • Onward: A poem on the only direction I follow.
  • Pretty As A Picture: A piece on a warm weekend.
  • Quest for An Inner Selfie: A piece about self discovery  in this selfie obsessed world.
  • Recipe, homemade: A modern day poem with old world wisdom.
  • Silence: A poem and imagery about Silence.
  • Transformation: A poem on change.
  • Unending: A contemporary poem on the length of the journey.
  • Vintage:  A poem on things about collections.
  • Window Dressing:  A piece on window dressing and judgments.
  • Xing: About Xing.
  • Yearning: A poem on yearning for love in contemporary world.
  • Zeal: A poem about love for light.

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