• My thoughts about Women’s Day

    I grew up in India. That means I know a country that kills its girls before they are born. A country where parents of a girl child have to work hard to save money for dowry. A country where wings of women are chopped and dreams are shoved. A country where love happens only on […]

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  • A strange place

    My mom taught me forgiveness: smile more, smile heals hurting hearts. Push yourself more to forget. Then some more. Don’t think the unthinkables. Include everyone, even the ones who exclude your part. Give them what they want. Say yes often.

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  • Transformation

    “Loss is nothing else but change, and change is nature’s delight.” — Marcus Aurelius In modern era, too many hushed expectations are set for you if you are a person of my gender. You have to be exceptionally good at everything you do. You have to look beautiful from morning to night year after years. […]

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  • Petrichor, once more

    As I am writing here, rain has returned to the bay. Hills over my shoulder are sleeping, tucked in fog and cloud. This time every year my mind becomes overactive, and creatively wanders on muddy paths, jumps in puddles, rescues fallen leaves, wipes off raindrops on the blurry windows of nostalgia, whispers to the rose […]

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  • Temporary

    When I was in my twenties, my life felt like someone’s unending wedding party that I had to attend- joyful but stretchy.

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  • Inside November

    This life is no metaphor- fallen like an autumn leaf, bright from the point of view of a passer by.

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