• A cup full of sunlight

    Driving around Northern California in summer is like speeding up time. One afternoon lush green hills give your sweaty eyes comfort and shade. The next afternoon, you see them turning yellow, warning you of the fleeting horizons of seasons. 

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  • How have you been?

    How far? A glance, an inch, a mile, a light year, A bridge, a wall,  beyond horizon, a touch, Eyes closed,  Here.

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  • How you carry heavy things

    When I will get my heart back I will show you the black dots of loss That don’t fade.

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  • Onward- not another new year resolution

    I spent holidays reflecting on my 2018. I am not a person who makes resolutions in December, draws attention to forty eight likes by declaring it on facebook, and forgets all of them by February. I kind of figured out how my life functions every year and the most important goal focuses on only one […]

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  • On stories, on ends, on perceiving

    “To perceive is to suffer.” ― Aristotle My two year old has been fascinated by “Santa” this year; she describes him as the old man who wears a belt on his big red outfit, and says, “Ho Ho Ho.” So when she spotted an old man in a red tee shirt and a white cotton […]

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  • When an image gives you words

    Motherhood is weird- at one point time seems still even when everything around me including that tiny human that I created is constantly moving.  Sometimes I like this stillness, my busy days and nights, two big eyes catching my attention like there is no world beyond her boundary that she drew with an invisible chalk […]

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