• On a new life and an old year

    Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am  to be blessed~ Mary Oliver It was a morning of August. I was standing near the signal after my regular walk, waiting for the traffic light to change its color. She was there, wearing her smile under a blue mask, spreading warmth through her eyes, ” […]

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  • Epiphany amidst the cacophony

    At 6 AM everyday, I see an old man sitting alone in the park, sipping hot coffee from his Peet’s mug. He keeps his mask under his chin, and watches the birds flying above. I try to keep the social distance, tip-toe, and  balance my steps with my foggy glasses and cotton masks. Yet I […]

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  • Living in a pandemic: Longing, the word, the feeling

    “And now I understand something so frightening &wonderful- how the mind clings to the road it knows,rushing through crossroads, sticking like lint to the familiar.”― Mary Oliver Last week I heard it for the first time- my daughter reminiscing her recent pasts- “Remember when I used to go to school, you used to make smoothies?”

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  • Living in a pandemic: Mommyhood

    “But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.” ― Martin Luther King, Jr. February “We are cancelling his bday party due to the virus outbreak.” “I have been reading about it too. Good decision. Wish him a happy birthday okay?” “Don’t think Pump It Up can reimburse. […]

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  • On choices in 2020

    I didn’t grow up with having too many choices. I re-read books because the choices were limited. I ate the same breakfast on all five weekdays and drank the same kind of milk that local milkman delivered to our house. My childhood was years away from the last decade. And I am happy that I […]

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  • On What I Saved From This Decade

    It is that time of the year. Tall and lit Christmas trees. People taking their loved ones’ pics. You notice someone else in the gift card aisle, undecided just like you are, about which card to pick. There are sugary cookies, and merry people disclosing vacations plans. There are people who are going through tough […]

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