How you carry heavy things

When I will get my heart back

I will show you the black dots of loss

That don’t fade. 

It’s uncanny how sorrow remains so faithful

And love breaks 

And all the people you admired once disappear too

Leaving their rhythms, and words.

It’s on you- how you carry heavy things-

Your grief, swollen heart, and poetry books.


If you have known me while running on the same tracks of life, you have known my love for Mary Oliver’s poetry. There are lines that lifted my soul when everything else was too heavy to drag. There are lines that inspired me to pick up my pen in stead of my phone. There are lines that made me a wild goose on a normal day.  I owe poetry to her. I owe my past six years to her wise words. This morning, I read on NPR about her death and that left my heart heavy.

Rest in Peace, Mary Oliver.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

7 thoughts on “How you carry heavy things”

  1. Love Ms. Oliver- Her words, many times, saved me.

    Thank you for reading, Arch. Sending a big hug and love to your little one ❤️

  2. I am not a poetry person and hardly ever read poetry. But I love the way you write, poetry or prose, your writing always strikes the right chord. Sad to read that your inspiration has passed on. May she Rest in Peace.

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