Inside November


This life is no metaphor-
fallen like an autumn leaf,
bright from the point of view of a passer by.

Long nights hemmed in busy days-
trying to save the light
in the darkness of a  yearbook.

This life is no metaphor-
cold like November rain,
warm from the point of view of a coffee cup.

Treasure like a saved memory,
Familiar like a well read book-
each line bridging the gaps within.


Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

6 thoughts on “Inside November”

  1. Blessings from me and uncle. I can understand how busy you might be. We have passed that stage, dear children grow up very quickly.

  2. Doing alright here. Days are so busy that I take moments to calm down and then hold a pen. I always make my mind still like water before jotting down my thoughts. I miss you and your posts. So whenever I am around, I go to your place and see what you are up to. Love and regards to you and uncle. ❤

  3. Loved reading on a warm autumn afternoon. Days are short but so amazing to read your poem after months.

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