Five Things That Made Me Happy in June & July

Just another happy place in California
After a long wait, when June was getting over, I made it a farewell party. I packed my kitchen, books, and beloveds to a little chalet by an alpine lake. I sat outside, ignoring the afternoon sun that burnt my skin. I let it burn. They grow again. Skin. Hair. Joy. In night, I read in the dark room, under gigantic pine trees; I looked up often and there were always a handful of stars peeking from the open ceiling, omnipresent like best buds from memory. I cooked good meal, hiked down to collect pine cones, and some memories for the camera.

You know every mountain has a song. Listen carefully.
They say, all’s well when it ends well. June ended well.

The beginning was rough, so rough that I had to switch between antibiotics and icepacks for two completely different health issues. A month is too long when you suffer in it.

Having said that, endurance has its own memoir. And Happiness has moments.

It was difficult to gather five happy moments this time, I had to search in last sixty days- both June and July. Honestly most part of June was hellish, and July pretty unfailing.

Rain In June

I never saw rain in California summer. Here summer is pretty espadrilles and polka dots, family picnic and straw hats, barbecue and road trip, hiking and tanned body . But in the first week of June, there were rainy days, making me long for what I miss a lot- occasional cold and wet days after sunburn. There is nothing more beautiful than a rainy week in summer. Even my plants agree with that truth.

That’s just a pretty shelf in the Farmers Market

The Farmers Market Girl

Like every year, summer made my local Farmers Market the happiest place in the world. All my favorite stores showcased their fruits of labor-  greens, vegetables and  fruits- cherries, berries, nectarines, peaches, tomatoes, cucumber, multi-hued squashes and all amazing leafy greens. It was that time when I couldn’t decide what not to cook in a week.

She’s the prettiest rose in my garden

The Garden Life

My garden grew up to be this joyful place in June and July. I had to work hard on each plant. There is a little story there though. My new neighbor is a great gardener.  I never saw a more dedicated garden loving soul in my lifetime. Seeing her that nurturing and engaged, I have been inspired too. This is what good company does right? I worked twice everyday in my garden – in early morning when the plants just woke up, and at the end of the day when California heat almost killed them. No surprise there how plants give back more than you give them. All fruits and flowers are happy and healthy. I am grateful to have them around.

Shiny, wavy, silence

The sound of pine trees

In summer the sun sets after 8:30 and then for an hour  light and shadow play around. It’s a beautiful time to stroll and think about things other than our mundane routine. But in mountain, it’s another story. Long after sunset, sky stays clear, birds fly back  and forth, tired hikers go back to make supper, and pine trees sing their own songs. I listened to their songs in silence- the hushed murmurs, like an endless lullaby in the ear of a breeze, and the dance of the leaves to that tune.  That experience was surreal, and most probably the happiest one.

Who knew growing strawberry in garden could be so fun!

 Wellness Challenge

I could not exercise in June and July due to a crazy injury. I could not eat well due to my health issue. But what kept me sane was my resilience and my faith in time- like how quickly time changes, things get better, wounds heal, aches go away, and new mornings are born every day.

This too shall pass.


Today August begins. Eighth month of 2017. How quick! How is your year going by?

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

13 thoughts on “Five Things That Made Me Happy in June & July”

  1. That’s the ideal way of living, away from the hustle, and internet and TV. Nature is a wonderful healer. 🙂 Thank you for writing and reading, Claudia. 🙂

  2. Happy moments are difficult to explain, you know, because I am too busy in living in it. 🙂 Thank you for your wishes, Hope. Thank you for reading. 🙂

  3. Words is back? Best news of August! Thank you for making my August more positive and happier. ❤

    I caught an infection, had to be on antibiotics for close to a month, which made me more weak. Then caught another infection because of low immunity or weakness, and was on another antibiotic for another month. So at the end, I was no more myself- just a fragile woman trying resilience to go back to hiking and living! 😀 I always say to myself, "This too shall pass." – And that's how I do this hurdle race called life- hope it was easier though- this living process. 🙂

    I hope you are feeling better now, Christy. I hope August turns out better for all of us. It's so nice to see you here, and on my insta feed again. Love and all the best wishes for you. ❤

  4. I have. But still long way to go. 🙂 What happened to your garden? It was such a pretty place. Thank you for stopping by, Arch.

  5. “A month is too long when you suffer in it.
    … endurance has its own memoir.”

    This is one of your most beautiful posts, Archita. I too was sick for a long while. Mainly a respiratory bug that lingered and returned repeatedly. It was horrible, but I did something different this year. I waited. I let it run its course. I knew it would pass, eventually. And it did.

    “This too shall pass.” Words I too strive to embrace daily.

    Here’s to a happy, healthy August. May it live up to its name.

    Ps- Words is back 🙂

  6. Feel blessed to know a positive person like you, Archita. How eloquently you write about happy moments. Wishing you a problem free rest of the year! Very good photogrPhs too.

  7. This was a wonderful read. It really was. I felt as if I were up on that mountain with you. I have always wanted to go away from my everyday life and reconnect with nature. With the world. I often go to my late father-in-law’s cottage in northern Wisconsin which is a half block from the Chain of Lakes. No TV (except DVDs we bring), no Internet except for the phone. Being away is heaven. Even with the ups and downs.

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