Five Things That Made Me Happy In May

Reflection on still water

One morning in May, I went to climb a hill to take photographs of a seasonal view and I had a really bad fall. Next two weeks I spent taking each step carefully, measuring pain and pain medications, ignoring purple marks on the knees. I didn’t fall even once in last a few years. I do not want to fall again.

That’s how May started. With a fall. With resilience. With aches. With medications. But it never took a wrong turn. Like every other month, it gave me a few cringe-worthy moments that I won’t repeat; it also gave numerous happy moments that I will save well.

The pacific is for all

California super-bloom was the talk of the town for a while. Especially the ones that were happily swaying their heads in the ocean wind. I wanted to take some good photographs of the ocean in summer, I also wanted to take our daughter close to the ocean. She won’t remember this first event. But I know in sadness and glory, she will make Pacific one of her best buddies. From what I recorded in my camera, she loved the sight of blue and white contrasts of the horizon and all those rocks where waves played their games. I loved this memory the most.

Wildflowers by the Pacific

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Posting your stories to the world has some side effects. Some are bad. But some are funny. One such thing was knowing about a relative who copies everything I write. If I write about nature, that relative uses the same words in the Facebook status. If I capture birds, afternoon tea, trail stories, and poetic muses, within a day or two those things appear somewhere in that relative’s posts, which if I can suggest need some proof reading. This month, I kept an vigil eye to be sure. I posted a few things that no one in our circle ever did, like posing in a cool place in a really bad ripped denim. Within a few days, that was copied.

While imitation might irritate some people, I found a hint of humor in the act. Though I wish I could get some verbal appreciations of my work as well, I would have been more flattered.

A multi-colored afternoon by the lake

In and out of La La Land

Though the documentary Tales by Light and the season two of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None won my busy evenings, I will regret if I don’t talk about La La Land. I just delivered my baby when La La Land hit the theater. So I waited calmly for the right moment to watch that visual interpretation of two dreamers’ journey. I had to. See if you are a dreamer, you have to watch this bitter sweet musical drama that poetically presents the beauty of choices. Dreams and choices are essential ingredients of a content future. Right? I loved how the movie ended. I felt happy and sad at the same time, and remained that way for a couple of days. Other than that I loved the song City of Stars. I am not a fan of musicals, but once in a while risky films like La La Land should be made. Because not all classics  have to belong to twentieth century.

What I find by the trail

Big Window, Small Television

I live in a time where you judge a person’s smartness by appearance, knowledge by the perceptive stories on social media, and class by the size of Television. I feel small sometimes, because I do not put effort to enhance any of those. But once in a while, when the summer is bright, multiple windows of my home welcome sunlight from every direction, the wind keeps us cool, and the bumblebees hum nonchalantly over my potted plants. You know sometimes your own life feels like a happy movie that you must not miss living. I live this way. Every summer. Big windows keep my heart clean.

Fog over the hills against the summer sunlight

Wellness Challenge

If April was about eating right, May was about thinking in right direction. I practiced saying “yes” to most of the unexpected, anxiety causing events. They say the power of “yes” is like a deep passive volcano, you cannot imagine what wonders it opens up. I can say, it surely opens up doors of creativity, communication, trust, and little details that “no” hides behind the curtain.


What were your top five happy moments in May? 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

4 thoughts on “Five Things That Made Me Happy In May”

  1. I simply loved your Small television..Big Window .It touched a chord in my heart because I too ponder on theze thoughts of what is so called grandeur …the simple beutiful things we enjoy or is it the measure of success by a superficial society yardstick.I dont know whether i am making sense but what matters is i loved your thoughts.

  2. Yes! Me too. There should be stricter laws to help prevent plagiarism. But the worst part is that most times we don’t even realize ​that our work has been stolen.

    La La Land was definitely a masterpiece. Yes, you’re right. There should be more movies like that. It was a pleasure to read. 😍😊

  3. Plagiarism makes me angry. Why not right? There should be stricter laws to protect art on the internet. Having said that, note that my relative is a nut, many people are in the time of social networking, where by copying others, crafting fictions people pretend to be someone smarter. I see humor in it only because I know that relative well in real life. 😄

    La La Land was a masterpiece. There should be more movies like that. Thank you for reading, Shweta. 😍

  4. Sorry to hear about the plagiarism. And kudos to you for finding humour in such a situation. Many wouldn’t react the same way. You managed to find something positive about a not so happy situation! Well done.
    Those were exactly my sentiments about La La Land. I also felt happy and sad after the movie but I absolutely loved it. I totally feel in love with the music, the choreography! I love that movie! 😍

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