Five Things That Made Me Happy In March

Petal rains on the doorway
It’s raining a lot in California. And with rain and then blooming flowers in cold sunshine, March seemed like the longest yet the happiest month after two foggy months. I have decided to write five happy things from every month this year, so that even the long months don’t look dead afterward. Someone said, happiness is a journey not a destination. I must have paused at every turnout to note down these stories from life.

The Dandelion: Our Common Amusement

On a bright morning , during our morning stroll last week, I noticed a single dandelion blooming beside the paved way. I parked my daughter’s stroller, held it closer and tightly with one hand, did a good photographer squat and clicked two photographs of the dandelion using my other hand. When I was done, I saw two amused tiny eyes observing my action. We looked at each other and laughed. There was that moment that I craved.  Our moment of common amusement. “It’s funny to grow up with a crazy mom, You will notice slowly. I know it because I grew up with one,” I explained to her, and together we marched with pride.

Dandelion in Spring

The Least Significant Battle

I am eight pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. With baby’s feeding schedule, poopy diapers, targeted milestones, daily laundries, I forget how I was supposed to look as per those celebrity magazines. But my muscles don’t forget, they have better memory, and they yawn as soon as I ignore them. So nowadays almost every day I make twenty minutes to go out to stretch and stride. On one such evening, when I was busy blaming the universe for every bad thing that happened to my health, I met a man at the traffic signal. He was stretching his arms and shoulder while waiting for the signal to go green. He grinned and greeted hello without stopping his exercise. I noticed from a close distance he had an artificial limb. When the signal turned green, he crossed the road faster than anyone around us.  Since that evening I haven’t whined anymore about what I lost and I have been constantly reminding myself – “My battle is the least significant battle.”

Celebration of color in Farmer’s Market Flower Shop

Trevor Noah Moment

I did not know who Trevor Noah was until I came across his Netflix original “Afraid of the Dark” this month. His remarkable comments on gender issue and why people should travel more made me want to follow him. I already looked him up on internet and I am his new fan.

A moody tea cup shot with purple tulips

Those Small Little Moments

I clicked one thousand seven hundred photographs in March. Which means, there were several little moments that I wanted to freeze. And those moments included my increased stamina on treadmill,  my baby’s excited playtime in the bathtub, all the blooms in the ‘hood, and all these food I cooked to kill stress. If I ever want to know how my month was, I’d browse through the camera roll and the monthly folder in my memory card.

These prettiest and tiniest flowers I found outside

The Wellness Schedule

First it seemed pretty difficult. I had no help during my moments of stress. So to unwind, most of the time I decided to go online, reading zillion news here and there, reading opinions and comments on social media because holding a phone while multi-tasking is the easiest way to distract yourself from whatever is happening in reality. On second week of March, I went offline for two days. I felt very relieved, content and happy after that. Who cares what people think of current political scenario every single day, or which celebrity is getting pregnant. Now almost every week, I am offline for two days and the secret is, those days are the best days of my week. If possible, I will follow this wellness schedule for the rest of the year.



Where is March marching for you? AtoZ Challenge is going to start from April 1st. Are you writing daily this year?


Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

14 thoughts on “Five Things That Made Me Happy In March”

  1. Ha ha ha!! I don’t how crazy I will be in the coming years but surely my growing up years are filled with my mom’s craziness and crazy stories and I love her because of them. She stood out, always. Like you, I’m convinced too. Thank you for sharing it, Kristine.

  2. Oh Yes! Too much analysis and just too much of both true and alternative facts. It’s better to make soil for the plants in the garden in free time, or hike in greener woods. Thank you for this note, Patrick.

  3. Thank you, Arch, for reading. Thank you for leaving this note and it made me truly happy. Other day I visited your site and read a few old posts that I missed reading due to all life-changing events in my life last year. 🙂 Yeah, this dandelion is a result of two minute long squats. Ha ha! ❤ Take care. And if you are on instagram, lets stay connected.

  4. Your posts always fill me with positivity and make me feel so happy. 🙂 In fact sometimes when I need a dose, I come here and go back to read some of your old posts if you haven’t posted anything new. Thank you!
    Beautiful photographs too. I love the dandelion. ❤

  5. I would fully agree that skipping the latest news stories makes for a happier day! ☺️ I’m reading less news and watching none.

  6. I love your story, pictures, and resolutions. I, too, try and stay away from the madness of social media and more. Last night I took a walk around my property, and found the faeries again. Having a baby just makes finding the faeries a little harder!

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