November Nostalgia


How fast a month can fly?

It was just first day of November and the pumpkin patches were weary, soon their orange color was vanishing into lush greens of fresh cut Christmas trees. People were waiting for Thanksgiving dinner, long commutes, lengthy political discussions with know-it-all relatives, and those black Friday deals. Shops were selling pumpkin pies, pumpkin cheesecakes, pumpkin ice-creams, pumpkin recipe books. A dozen of dead turkeys were always on display on the shelves.

When November came, I was waiting to save a story for my daughter- that on her year of birth, people of this country found a woman president. I wanted to whisper to her, “You can be anything, even a president.” Now I have to look for other inspirational stories. Though I will always tell her- she can be anything as long as she can dream.


All of a sudden, days are short and dark nights are longer than ever.

I went to the nearby store two days after Thanksgiving to run some errands. I saw turkey printed dish towels and plates were on the discount bin, almost unwanted. Suddenly their days seemed gone and their glory faded before they knew. Within such a short period, the store was full with Santa Claus, smiley faced snow-men, fiercely decorated artificial trees, ornaments and clothes in red and white theme.

That day I missed that orange hue of fall terribly.

Days are surely fleeting..

It rained last week. Last signs of bright orange leaves are gone. Trees are naked, the sky is heavy, and the mornings are foggy. They will be like this- bare and depressing until Spring flowers cover them up.

How fast a year can go!

The year is passing like a hand waving from a train I want to be on. Fast. And almost gone.  In January, I didn’t know my year was going to be this eventful. Now on last day of November, I am nostalgic. I want December to be slow and unending.



I didn’t find time to note down a gratitude list this year. I just had a minute before setting up the thanksgiving table. The pen was hidden behind piles of my books. The notepad was empty. I knew who to thank this year. 


How was your November? Didn’t it fly too quickly? Who did you thank this year?

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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