Not just in words

Love in other words

I guess I have seen love
not just in words,
not just in black fonts
of sleepless poetry.

I have found love
in a stranger’s warmth,
in food that she cooked
while thinking of me.

I have sensed love
in a friend’s worried voice,
when I didn’t call
her for a month.

I have heard love
in voice-mails,
“I hope you’re okay,
and just busy.”

I have shared love,
with my teeth-less niece,
and teeth-less grandma,
sometimes in laughter,
sometimes in rhymes,
sometimes in riddles.

I guess I have watched love
not just in rom-coms,
but in a cup full of
ice-cream that an
old couple shared 
on a wintry night.

And I have understood…
Like all magnificent things,
love is very simple.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

16 thoughts on “Not just in words”

  1. Loved this one Archita. All the examples you gave culminated well into the understanding that it’s that simple.

    Well done.

  2. This gave me goosebumps. One of the best things about love is its simplicity (and complexity) all rolled up into one.
    As for the calculus ^^^^^ May I keep you on speed dial for when my son starts coming home with questions? I can handle the Trig…but calculus escapes me:)

  3. Love the rhythm of life in this one–teethless niece and grandma:). We start out that way and some of us end up that way, eh? And there is a certain beauty to that.

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