Symphony of Silence

Symphony of Silence

I have observed silence from close and far. I have embraced it. I have fought with its shadow.  I have listened to its harsh and mushy sounds. Then I have written five short stories.


♦ On a sunny day, the ocean is fierce, and people on the beach, fiercer. They hug the water like long lost friends, jump into each other out of joy, play for hours, and cook steaks to celebrate the togetherness. She watches them all from a distance, and notes down her observations on her little pink book. Isn’t everything a story from far?


♦ He stares at the news channel for another ten minutes. In a short distance, inside the dark bedroom corner, his wife weeps to cure her distress. The phone vibrates. It’s his mother calling, maybe to remind them once again how she everyday dreams of becoming a grand-mom.


♦ She wants the corner office. She continues working even on her thirty ninth week. It’s not always a joy ride, but she loves certain blessings of her womanhood: a happy husband, a working kitchen, her awards, her baby’s first kicks, an office where she uses her brain for ten hours. “You won’t dream of that new office after the baby’s arrival right?” Her co-worker smirks while passing the common question she faces nowadays. She glances at his desk, the picture of his two daughters, and smiles.


♦ Too many people click the sunset every evening. At 8:15 pm, they assemble, place their tripods, eat snacks, and talk about all other sunsets they captured on reels.

In next fifteen minutes, wind blows through the sequoia trees. A bird joins his flock and flies away over the tall mountain. Another pine cone drops somewhere. “There’s a bear, ” a child points out to the north corner. “No that’s just a rustle of dry leaves, stupid, ” his sister answers.

“Shh!” someone whispers. Everyone moves to the side they are supposed to move. It’s 8:31. The sun is setting, slowly behind the peak. The clouds are turning red and yellow and pink and purple. Everything else is still. Even the trees are silently watching the glorious ritual like a person of faith.


♦ “You look more beautiful and slim. Have you lost a few pounds?”
  “Thank you. But I am not even trying. I love the way I look.”
For the first time, her friend stumbles, and gifts her an awkward silence in return.


Have a happy Wednesday ( wordy/wordless/ the way you want it) once again!


Update: This post has been picked on Spicy Saturday’s Most Popular Post.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

10 thoughts on “Symphony of Silence”

  1. You are such a gorgeous and talented writer – loved these short stories. Both the story you painted as well as the stories building in my head as a result.

  2. Wow!!! Loved the ending of the third story. Silence is noisy too! Great work, Archita

  3. 2nd and 4th made me read them all again. Mushy and Harsh Sounds of silence- So Beautiful and the photograph as always breathtaking! Have a great Wednesday!

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