California Poppy in May

Under my bare feet
raindrops, mud, then
first green grass.

Have you even been
touched by love?

The sun swimming
over a creek;
a snake drowsing
on a rock,
letting his skin
dry after the rain.

Nameless wildflowers
playing tirelessly  
with a squirrel 
that doesn’t stop
eating lunch.

I have always known
May a lot like this,
like a California
girl on a road trip,
like a sun kissed
soul who can dance
without music,
like a rock band
performing on
a deserted pavement,
like a flower
a bit careless about
its beauty and aura,
like a forest that
dares to stay green
year after year.


May happened to be another busy month this year. I hate to use “busy” when I have so many positive things to talk. Isn’t everyone busy anyway nowadays? May to me is the smell of forest, sight of wildflowers, walks in the rain. A lot of nature, and fresh air.

How is your May going?

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

13 thoughts on “May”

  1. A delightful post and I love the photo. May here is autumn and today the chill-factor is creeping in. Skies are blue and the days are beautiful.

  2. Wonderful words about the vibrant May! May here is beautiful too, not totally like how you experienced it. Your photo makes me want to go for a road trip now!

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