Lotus pond of truth

“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.” ― Lao Tzu 


I read the way a deer might run,
to save her life.
I write that way too.


Everyday the morning opens,
surrounded by purposes,
one of which is
penning all truths.


Maybe life
isn’t darkness, after all.
The sky is open until
the stars begin to burn
through the pages of clouds.
There is light
if I keep these eyes open,
if slowly I hear a new voice
which sounds like
a lot of my own.


Wherever I am, the world
comes with me, in the form
of trees, clouds, and bees,
offering me newer senses.
I have learnt memory
is perishable, if I let it go
from my old notebook.
I have learnt, to write
new stories I have to live
a thousand other lives.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

10 thoughts on “Truths”

  1. A very truthful poem/post. Sometimes I look back on things I’ve written, posts in old, worn out journals, and wonder who that person was. The same feelings permiate my current stories — I wonder who this character is that I am creating. And I know — they both are me.

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