The perfect moon

Arrange the books in alphabetical order. Wipe them once a week.
When you are done, touch them again, tell them you adore nothing else.
Water your plants. Throw away every bit of dirt from their body.
And while you do that, stare at those raindrops on the windowpane.
Cherish rain even though it covers your shoes with mud.

Put the place-mats. Check if their color matches with the rainbow
love of the dishes you made. Smile when you chop those shallots,
tell the world, tears are for weak people and pragmatics.

Be proud of your spotless face once in a while, even when
your mirror reflects someone you don’t recognize anymore.
Put your favorite shade of pink because the world loves you
in pink now. Miss those bold red shades of yesteryears,
and tell your heart in a hushed tone: memory is just a mirage.

Smile when you don’t want to. Laugh because you have to. But
hug unconditionally. Remember those who won’t return.
Control your tears. Blow your nose. Hug again, tighter.
Strive to be the best in the group, even in those activities
in which people waste time. Try to start a gossip. Try
to escape one. At night while making notes, realize some
mistakes. Be harder on yourself tomorrow.  It’s never enough.
Forget to dream. Because reality is where a perfectionist lives.


I grew up with a perfectionist. I saw some of them in my friend circle and extended family. Then I almost became one. Then I chose to change. To me, perfectionism is not about making yourself perfect, or making everything else perfect. There is more to the story.

A year ago, I wrote Recipe, homemade. Today, I wrote a different story following that tune.



Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

23 thoughts on “Perfectionist”

  1. Ha ha! Yes, Sampada. Sometimes perfectionists do everything possible to show their best sides to the world, sometimes they’re so hard working that it’s stressful to even watch that! 🙂 I am so happy to read your comment about my post. I guess, I am satisfied too about this one. Thank you so much for the visit. 🙂

  2. Oh I am so far from being a perfectionist. I know one who is close. Though I admire her a lot for her work, it gets onto my nerves sometimes 🙂 Thats how I excuse myself from being a perfectionist.

    On your post, like all the people said, it was magical. You create the feeling you have felt in your readers and that’s a great achievement.

  3. Totally! Though I’m an imperfect perfectionist. 😀 But I am happy the way I am. As I mentioned, I saw a lot of perfectionists till now( even at work) but somehow I saw it clearly that just like this world, no one nothing is “perfect” …Thank you so much for your wishes and reading. 🙂 And thank you for the truth- “Things just don’t matter as much as people do.”

  4. Oh! Your comment made my day. See, how I see perfectionists is pretty funny; with all oddity and beauty perfectionists are hard workers who always try to prove them to the world. I’m glad your saw that. 🙂 And I am super glad to read your last line. Though I have a long way to go ( to sharpen my expressions.) Thank you so much for the visit, Claudia. 🙂

  5. What a wonderful blog. How you mix perfectionism with things slightly askew. We aim for perfection, but, for me, I have learned to accept any attempt to even move five steps towards that unatainable goal. And your writing is magical.

  6. I hope that your life is much happier now. Things just don’t matter as much as people do. But I know the opposite can be an obsession. Best wishes to you.

  7. “It’s never enough” is where you perfect the ending! I am officially out of adjectives for you today!

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