A Peek Outside


I’m waiting for a rainy weekend. Not completely rainy. Showery. Drizzly. Cloudy. Grey days. As per the weather forecast.

But it’s still Friday right now. The sun is still shining, promising me another bright week soon. Outside only green are the sequoia branches, co-existing with the winter-death of all other leafless trees. Not too far from here, silent waves are hitting the shore, without stopping, following some unknown rhythm; their silence is chilling, but sincere and maybe profound, only if I try to perceive. And I’m thinking, (well, a day like this makes me think a lot) change is one of the most beautiful elements to create a vibrant tomorrow. Maybe I love cheery spring, because I have winter in my calendar. 

Happy Weekend, everyone! 


Posted for WordPress Photo Challenge

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

9 thoughts on “A Peek Outside”

  1. I love rainy days. But I can understand how it gets boring after couple of days. For us, it’s a nice change after long warm dry days. I agree with you about sunny beaches. Thank you 🙂

  2. Happy weekend to you too Archita!!! The hills out my way are emerald green. A great change from the brown dry hills we have had for so long. During a walk down the Arroyo Mocho trail earlier this week there was a tree already starting to bloom. Been raining since I got off work this afternoon.

  3. You’re waiting for drizzly rain? Ugh, I hate that stuff because it stays around too long.
    Your lovely picture of a sun-soaked beach is so much better than that.

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