A sign by the road

a sign

On one of those hot days during Labor day weekend, I was on road. The plan was to escape to a colder place. There was a little art shop showing off this sign from far. Of course I had to take a break and sprint to the shop to explore more. I love random signs. I love them more when they appear without any notice and stir my realizations.


There are so many things to find during road trips in California. There is Pacific, limitless, making all your griefs and glories smaller. There’s mysterious Sierra Nevada. There are wineries where some people measure happiness by the number of glasses of wine they consume. There are singers trying to paint their future with lyrics and music, actors to use the best stage. There are brilliant minds inventing newer phones and virtual social worlds. There are redwoods and their shadow where I love resting my burned eyes. Among all these, I always like visiting a local artist and see her pride in things she created for her shop. It’s awesome when hobby becomes a job, or an artist becomes an entrepreneur.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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