Half & Half


You can try your best, live like a hermit
inside the whispers of your silence,
away from noises that crush dreams.

Then on a starry night when the world
ignorantly hugs the darkness, you
realize you cannot escape the story

of you life, you simply cannot.
It has already happened. Not on papers,
as you refused to buy diluted permanence.

The grandfather died. The neighborhood
changed.The rose garden vanished. Many hearts 
broke. I know, your heart broke too. That’s where

our stories met. But in my story I have to keep
faith on time. I notice a slice of sun, hidden
in the cloud. I am not afraid to see new

dreams about bright mornings. I want to feel
all there is to feel in life. Sadness.
Hollowness. Happiness. And the moments of

anticipation that make me feel alive. I know
I am alive, and awake with you. I have to write
the second half of my story, and a good ending.

*** The photograph and title are inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge***

Have a great weekend!

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

7 thoughts on “Half & Half”

  1. Is there a better way to express it all?- The answer is NO. I loved the phrase diluted permanence. Oh! I loved your poem. Happy Weekend to you too!

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