Yourself Being Yourself


“Solitude sometimes is best society.” – John Milton, Paradise Lost

In a day you want none,
and the time that you 
crave makes a dull face.
You are not fun to be with.
You don’t gossip or say worse
things about better people.

There’s a hard shell that you
wear to protect yourself
from unpleasant weather
and pleasant intruders, and
sometimes you laugh alone
on the humor of your dry grief.

Know that, people hate that,
you’re unfriended, for now,
even though you shrunk 
to make enough space for the
judgmental society that decides
to rotate around your solitude.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

8 thoughts on “Yourself Being Yourself”

  1. I love a well longed solitude than the forced one, but solitude is one thing that I crave for, especially if I spend a long day with bad company. 😀

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