Yearning for Love


You don’t have to spend time
in the mall, looking for the
perfect candle, and ingredients
of a pot of pasta for two.

You don’t have to buy flowers,
and scribble that unfinished
poem on the pages to show him
before your guitar finds right tune.

You don’t have to re-arrange
your life to bring old humors
that go well with old wine.

Love is not intensified by your
actions or absence anymore. It’s just
an emoticon, multi-colored, heart-shaped
and blank, sent in bulk even when you
didn’t deserve it or desire to
stare at it to find reasons. In modern
world, they don’t sell meanings anymore,
or dig deeper to match with your spark.


25th Day on A to Z Challenge. Today Y is for Yearning.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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