I love the alphabet “X” because it’s mysterious and pretty ambitious. I manipulated it a zillion times in arithmetic and algebra and tried to find its value like a maths loving Sherlock Holmes.

It’s also very interesting how people use “X” to hide identities, “You know, that Mr. X appreciates your work.” I liked how I have been told during interviews,”You have that special X-factor we are searching in candidates.” Sometimes I wanted to know a real sketch of that X-factor. 

In recent decade,one word left me pretty confused for some time. “Xing.” During driving in the USA, you must have observed that strange sign. I pronounced that “Xing”, like some name from Asia. “Why did they leave an Asian name on this road?” I thought that and stopped every time. I of course didn’t look up on Google because I thought I was smarter than that.

Then a year passed. One evening, while returning home, it occurred to me the word meant “Crossing”; that “X” stood for “Cross”.  Let me confess, it was one of the most memorable eureka moments of my life.


24th day on A to Z Challenge. Today X is for Xing, because I had to share this story with all of you. What is your most favorite word with “X”? Do you have any such eureka moments that you want to share happily?

4 responses to “Xing”

  1. X-AXIS

    I enjoyed reading about your eureka moment. Amazing how our mind works and the things we take for granted. I would select my choosing to be happy series, plus all the others prior to WordPress, as my eureka moment.

    • Ha ha! Ya, I asked a few people too and it was so strange to know that they never thought about what “Xing” was and they too pronounced it as “Xing” /”Zing”.. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing the happy series. It’s awesome!

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