Window Dressing

Window dressing“It’s all about window dressing. She’s just decorating her life with lies.  Why are some people so fake?” 

The question arrives along with two cupcakes and a pot of ginger tea. It’s still spring and afternoons are not really for tea breaks. But I’m here, meeting an old friend, discussing old stories. Mostly about people. Because people always love discussing about other people. We’re cursed blessed that way.

I recently read an article about creativity and isolation. Only person I want to discuss is Vincent Van Gogh from that article. So I slowly say, “When people are different from the rest, they are easily judged. All of us want to discuss about that person. That’s why it’s always good to stay average. You’re not answerable for being average.”

“We all are average, until we fake. Don’t you think so?” she asks.

“I don’t know. I don’t know the truest self of anyone. So I cannot comment,” I try to defend my point.

No one is perfect. I have never seen a truly perfect human being, a person who loves all and is loved by all.  But I have seen many faces and facets of the same human being. Some of them I loved and some of them I forgave. “Being human is really a tough job,” I express.

There’s comfort in having a perfect window dressing. We think if we pretend perfection and cover life with details, our life will follow a correct path. Correct path, or the suggested path, the common path.

People won’t judge us for anything. So we pick up the bright pink lace dress, that vintage tall boot, and the white blazer. The eyeliner and mascara hide every proof of sleepless nights.

Then we add some other accessories. That apparently successful career. Those happy pictures from foreign locations. That bookshelf where we store all books that we never can read. Those story-less furnitures from flea market. That full smile. That MAC fuschia lipstick. That hat that goes well with the brown sunglasses. That milky cream wall highlighting the armchair where everyone wants to sit. We even don’t know who owns that piece of cushion! That very tall and handsome man who is beaming in every picture. That child who we call the best human being on earth, or at least on social media. That profile picture where everyone comments, “Oh! Your life is so beautiful. You’re so lucky!”

We, the lucky fake people!

We, who are painting that perfect life while hiding aches, agonies, aspirations, words, true words, dreams because reality is cruel!

We, who are imprisoned for life after building that imaginary castle!

“Now don’t be quiet. Come on. Do you need another cup of tea with a hot samosa ?” She breaks our ten seconds long silence. “Everyone knows that she’s fake. Still they keep calling her to every party. I have no clue why!”

“I have no idea. But I think you should read this article on Van Gogh. Let me forward it to you,” I quickly check my phone screen. There are some interesting articles in my inbox this week. Sometimes the virtual world is more peaceful because we don’t hear ourselves chewing our thoughts so loudly. We can live here peacefully, without caring about judging, judgments, and judgmental friends. All of a sudden, I remember the theory I read about parallel universe this week.


23rd Day on A to Z Challenge. Today I wrote about Window Dressing.

What’s your most favorite word with W? Do you prefer your phone screen to your judgmental friends?

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

9 thoughts on “Window Dressing”

  1. Anyway, it’s a very nice view out of that window while your text moves in a completely other direction. But both show high quality.

  2. I so agree, Indira. I never check my phone screen when I am talking to a friend, or talking to guests at home. But sometimes, it’s so difficult to listen to those judgments about a person especially when he/she is not present. I can’t thank my phone screen enough for saving me. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading, Indira. 🙂

  3. It’s really annoying if you’re stuck in an uninteresting discussion/gossip! Description about window dressing was awesome!

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