Then the distance is shorter.
Time doesn’t matter.
The world is smaller.

Then the minutes are vivid.
Thoughts are lengthy.
The journey is better.


21st day on A to Z Challenge. Today U is for Unending.

How quickly April is vanishing! I remember, first week of April was so  fast-paced that I almost felt motion sickness. But slowly I could make time to write regularly and had fun too.  How is April for you? What is your most favorite word with V?

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

7 thoughts on “Unending”

  1. I was thinking about cleaning utensils after a busy day..It felt unending and the motion really mattered. That’s how I came with the poem. 🙂 Ha ha! Indira, thank you so so much for writing these beautiful words for me. You know, I read them sometimes and feel so motivated.

  2. Thank you, Alok. 🙂 I have stopped saying “I’m busy,” but I don’t know how people manage work-blog-life balance so wonderfully. Valentine is almost everyone’s favorite word. 🙂

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