What does this photograph mean to you?

I often find myself looking for meanings of a moment. There is a neighborhood church across the road. It displays beautiful words on some cloudy mornings. Sometimes I try to remember those words to find their meanings in daily life. I’m not a very religious person, and we’re not talking about religion here.

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.” – Maya Angelou

Sometimes I spend more than fifteen minutes trying to explain hidden meanings of a nice movie, or a poem, or a brilliant piece of article. Sometimes I don’t understand a normal taunt pointed at my appearance, or choices, or ambitions. It’s uncanny how brain works, how we perceive things the way we want to.

The other day I shared a story that I wrote about an empty nest, and someone asked how I could paint an empty nest so vividly at this age and without the real experience. I observed my mother and her restlessness when we left home; I think, from far I understood the meaning of her lonely journey that time, and it stayed with me. Perceiving other’s journey is also important. Isn’t it? 


Do you search for meanings in little things? Is there a difference between judging others and finding meanings? 

13th Day on A to Z Challenge. To me, “M” is for meanings. 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

6 thoughts on “Meanings”

  1. Absolutely! I was reading my poem to an audience and I found three people interpreted in different ways! So strange right!

  2. So true ‘ we perceive things the way we want to.’ I think judging is our way of perception and finding meaning is what it wants to tell us. I may be wrong.

  3. From a cliff I clicked that picture. It’s very far and I have never seen anyone there hiking down! But how peaceful it looks right? I agree with you, Sheena; I see peace too! Thank you!

  4. At times there’s no point in finding meanings; life will take its turn and sail on. But seeing hurtful people everyday I’d like to find deeper meanings too. Judging is different from finding meanings, in my opinion. I can be wrong.

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