Love is a new book

Love is a book

I always wanted to build a library. A library of my own.

I love collecting books, referring to my favorite lines, going back to read between the lines to connect missing dots. But I’m a traveler, I travel light. I don’t want to leave books in a trash, sell them to a stranger who won’t love them the way I want them to do. I’m a possessive lover of my favorite books.

Last year my nephew suggested that I get a kindle, the e-reader. “You can have your own library that you can carry everywhere,” his eyes twinkled as he shared his wisdom. I purchased it right away.

I read more than 50 books in three months. Whenever I got free time, I opened a new page of a book on my e-reader. I finished reading most of the best sellers marked on NY times, Goodreads. I read The Goldfinch, The Orphan Train, The Book Thief, The Husband’s Secret, The Fault In Our Stars and so many other books of the new age.  Kindle became a terribly important object to me. I started carrying it everywhere, to the beach vacation, to the rest room breaks.

Six months later, I was roaming in the Farmers’ market. There was a tiny bookstore there: Carine’s Favorite Books. I had ten extra minutes, so I decided to step inside. It was a lovely weekend afternoon; the store was filled with smiling faces asking for discounts on old and new books. Carine, the owner, handpicked best sellers and put them on display by the door. There was another section- named Carine’s favorite books, a little world with the same name of the store; she placed rare and used books about California overlooking the road. It was so easy to find anything that I wanted right there.

I smelled a new book and then another old book. They smelled different. I was able to find two distinctively different scents. Old books always smelled better. I immediately felt a sense of nostalgia that belonged to my past, my own room, that old bookshelf in my parents’ house, summer afternoons by the window reading Atlas Shrugged. I grabbed The Husband’s Secret; I touched the floral design on the cover. For the first time I noticed the color and the font used to mark the name of the writer. It felt like a new book to me, a new cover ready to be unfolded. I read three books by Liane Moriarty on my kindle. But at that moment, I longed to read them again on hardcover. Ten minutes stretched to an hour. I stepped out of the store with four books; two of them were completely new to me. Since then I didn’t open my kindle.


I’m sure many of you love your e-readers more than your old books. Don’t you? What do you think of e-readers? Will they be able to replace printed books?  Do you love the smell of old books? 

L is Love. Love is dedicated to books. 12th Alphabet, and 12th day on A to Z challenge.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

21 thoughts on “Love is a new book”

  1. I completely agree! Re reading is a great way to pick up new details and to gain a better knowledge of the storyline and characters 🙂

  2. You are! 🙂 Finding a ereader that you’ll love is a very good thing. It’s definitely easier for big books. I still do not like going back to re-read marked pages on ereaders. Somehow I find re-reading more fun on real books. Thank you so much for a great comment, Orgoh. 🙂

  3. I had one of the earlier eReaders and found it so exciting. The sleek lines and the beautiful cool feel of it in my hands. But I also always had loads of real books, hardback, paperback, dog-earred, pristine. And I feel I have balance. I buy the books I covet to hold and get e-texts for the ones that are too big to hold comfortably. Last year I upgraded to a newer touch version and find I still use it only half the time. I guess I am lucky.

  4. Yes, I love to buy all my favorite books and then I’ll usually re read them 🙂 I too love the sound of turning a new page – for me its kind of comforting in a way 🙂 you’re welcome 🙂

  5. That’s awesome! Reading e-books and reading an article on the web- I find both pretty similar. 🙂 Sharing the books are the most noble job. I always want to my pass my learning to someone else. Having said that, I shared many books with friends and family; and most of them lost my books. It’s a painful thing when people lose your books that you love so dearly. 😦 Thank you for your amazing visit and the comment. 🙂

  6. I have a small collection of books here. But I want it to grow! Basement library is a great idea, Judi. 🙂 I think I’ll use kindle only for travel. It’s light and it gives me choices. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the visit, Judi. 🙂

  7. Ha ha ha! I can relate to that! I have some non-fictions on my kindle and I have to read them. But I find it so boring. I prefer real books any day! Thank you for your visit and your comment. 🙂

  8. How beautiful! I follow a strange policy; I borrow all career related books from library, but I buy all my favorite fictions and poetry books. I think, that’s my way of supporting a great writer. 🙂 I also love the sound of a crispy paper when I turn to a new page. Thank you, Stacy, for the visit and the comment. 🙂

  9. If you’re not travelling, don’t buy! ( Sorry, kindle!) There was a tea-shop ( Cha-bar) in oxford bookstore where I spent many weekends during my India years and I still miss it. I also love independent bookstores, but I loved Landmark in Koramangala too. 🙂 And book-marker, yes yes! 🙂 So many good points to read a real book. Thank you, Arch, for the visit and the comment. 🙂

  10. You did the right thing by carrying your books with you. That’s the best thing to do.
    That smell of books is heavenly, I think, one of the reasons I keep visiting our library is the smell of old books. I want to save all those in a bottle to spray over my desk! 🙂 We have to use all of our sensory organs while reading a book. 🙂 I’m so happy find all of you book-lovers here. Thank you for the visit and your comment. 🙂

  11. For me, growing up in 90s and going for higher education during post Y2K years left an impact. I love technology, a lot; but I hold on to old books and memories of my simple childhood too. 🙂 Ereaders are great to carry books everywhere and have the option of reading many things at a time. But those independent bookstores and old books- they won’t vanish, I guess. 🙂 They should stay forever! Thank you for the visit and your beautiful comment, Kristine. 🙂

  12. I am a dedicated real book reader. I have tried reading e-books and if there is no other choice, I will, but it is not the same. I love my books and hold on to many that I’ve read over and over but I also love to share them. Being able to loan or give someone a copy of a book that has touched you in some way seems so much more personal than recommending or sharing an e-book. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  13. I hope the pendulum will swing to a more moderate place. Everyone seems to like their eReader. I love a real book. It’s a tactile experience. I don’t think we should give those up . . .or the lovely independent bookstores that allow us to search the treasures.

  14. Like you I collect books – i hate borrowing books because then I cannot keep the books I loved! Not saying I don’t like libraries though. I can spend hours browsing. So far, I have refused to give in to e-books. When we moved from India to South Africa, I made sure all my books came with me. There is no way I can be parted from them…and yes the smell…I love it. There is nothing that beats the touch, feel and smell of real books. NO kindle will do it for me.

  15. I keep having the desire to buy a Kindle, but keep putting it off, coz I know it won’t feel anything like a real book. I love the smell of books, keeping a book-marker in the pages, fondly remembering the memories associated with it.. I love my collection of books, and hope to collect more 🙂

  16. Im sticking to books for now rather than an e reader. I prefer having the book physically in front of me as I love the smell of the pages and actually turning them myself 🙂 I have so many books that I refuse to get rid of!

  17. I have a Kindle with 100’s of books on it…havent touched it in 3 years since I had it for Christmas 😦 I prefer real books to hold but I do/did love my Kindle. May look for it soon, and the charger lol oh dear..

  18. I have a kindle and I download books. However, I would rather read a real book any day. I have a small room in the basement that I am trying to clear out so I can have a real library in my house.

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