Afloat WPC

You’re a strong woman
in a strange land,
in a stranger time,
and sometimes you’re
the only one on the
top floor, alone,
like a worried
bird in the open sky.

You’re afloat in the
ocean where
whales daydream.
You’re invincible
even when your soul
is hyperventilating.

You’re everyone who
you passionately love
and protect
under your tiny wings.

You’re who you
wanted to be.
But most of the times
when your eyes are
moist and memory is
full, you’re still
the best of you
who nobody knew.


This photograph was taken in Malibu.  The  photograph also inspired me to write a poem that never I shared, originally I named it “The invincible woman” and saved in my notepad. It’s 9th day of A to Z challenge and my most favorite word with “I” is invincible. 

**Have you ever been to Malibu? What does invincible mean to you?

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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