On Google she found everything that she wanted to know; every answer, the colors of rainbows, the analysis of her favorite poem, diet plan of Gwyneth Paltrow, the designer of Claire Underwood, recipe of tres leches cake, phone number of her regular pizza place, direction to that ex-boyfriend’s latest house, tips to lose 5 pounds in 5 days.

That was just the beginning of her successful relationship with the illusion of her knowledge. Together they became the smartest and most popular couple in their little lovely world. Someone in the neighborhood even called her Mrs. Google. How proud she felt that day! Knowledge was powerful indeed.

One night, the weather was not great. It rained continuously for five days. Her front porch was covered with chunks of hail. A friend called her to ask a simple question, “Can you tell me the ingredients of a nice cup of hot tea?” “Within a minute,” she grinned. Her internet browser was open; she typed fast – the best tea recipe. Only a white screen appeared, with a picture of a black dinosaur and a written nightmare “Unable to connect to the Internet.”

She tried to fix the screen, the internet; but nothing worked. The silence of the night reminded her of those soothing years of ’90s. 

There were scattered storms outside her window after a while. The sky was dark and blank, just like her mind. She did not remember the recipe of a cup of tea, or anything else without the help of her love, Google. Her palace of illusion finally got a crack.



In a contemporary world, Google is everyone’s favorite word. Do you love Google just like we all do? And what is your favorite word with H?

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

16 thoughts on “Googled”

  1. I love technology, everything about it, especially the inside of it is prettier. It was supposed to help us get smarter! But I see many of us becoming exactly the opposite. 🙂 It’s uncanny how we all know it, but cannot stop the addiction. Thank you for reading and your comment, Santosh,

  2. We have become so dependent on the internet, sometimes it feels like we no longer live in the real world. It feels like we live in the ‘Matrix’ 🙂

  3. My real notepad is less transient than my blog where I write more. 🙂 I couldn’t have written better, Shailaja. Thank you for reading and this amazing comment. 🙂

  4. Yes, we are addicted. In public places, malls, platforms, bus stops, all I see are faces fixed to the cell phone screen, searching something, laughing alone. It’s a scary observation, but reality hurts. 🙂 Amsterdam is one lovely place and in my to-go list! Thank you for reading, writing and the trip here. 🙂

  5. And all we get is information. Knowledge is different. My dad knows capitals of all countries in the world, he never used/uses any search engine for that. They all are in his memory. I meet a lot of educated folks who tell me about getting everything on Google; I smile and say, someday that illusion will be have a crack 😀 😀 Thank you for your lovely visit, Arch.

  6. So true! We are so used to Google to find an answer to everything, that we are crippled to a great extent if it’s down. We know how to use something, but have no knowledge about it. Sad.. Thanks for the lovely, thought provoking post!

  7. I love Google the search engine more than any other search engine. But I have seen too many people like the character in the story. There is a difference between information and knowledge; and what we get by searching is information. 🙂 Happy is the most wonderful word with H. 🙂 Thank you for your amazing visit, Patrick 🙂

  8. Google- we all love him. 🙂 Your story is witty and as always thought-provoking!

  9. I prefer the term “search engine”, Archita. As a society, I believe we have become too dependent on the tools available to us. I like to mix things up and learn as many ways a possible to use all the tools available. Usually makes me an early adapter of the next idea. As for as my favorite “H” word, it would have to be happy of course. 🙂

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