There was no grief or
a timeless yesterday.
She blurs the moments
into one black smear
and stands like a misfit
when time trudges.

She wants to know
what today means;
somewhere else it is
tomorrow, a new dawn
with another to-do list.

We all are in one planet,
some early, some late;
in between the balancing act,
that lost time is never found.


Third Day of A to Z Challenge is about the alphabet “C”.  What is your most favorite word with C? 

13 responses to “Captive”

    • Thank you for the comment, Suyash. It’s a result of multi-tasking that Im not proud of.. 🙂
      I do not process my images, but when I clicked this moment, it made me miss my childhood days too 🙂

    • I used to call myself moment catcher until some time ago; now in 30s I think I’m old to give myself a name. 🙂 Those moments are never going return, so strange right? If I knew well, I would have lived my childhood for ten more years! Thank you for your visit and comment, Archana. 🙂

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