The opposite of loneliness

spring bloom

We are always seeking each other.

At coffee shop,
On the open pages of websites,
After each weird ringtone of
a new text on the phone,
inside closed room,
outside in a very floral
printed world.

Searching is hard. Finding harder.


In each status update, in
each smiling profile picture,
there hides a blurry image,
covered with niceness,
paint-brushed, tweaked,
re-engineered, surviving
the identity loss, trying to
mend old wounds, 
to start once again.


There’s light somewhere,
to love, to recover,
to balance between the two,
to reveal the cold
from the inside out
and change to warmth.
We’re like sun-dried 
clay-pots, sometimes,
happy at each beginning,
clueless thereafter.


It’s spring. 

And life is awful if we don’t have
a best friend, or a mirror image
of our truth, waiting somewhere.

This search doesn’t have to end.


This post is for a friend who started searching new friends in a new world, and shared that experience with me. I realized, I had to write something about people in the contemporary world, connected and networked yet alone, seeking older meanings of bonds in newer ways.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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