I write because…

San Francisco afternoon

One day I will find all good words. They will make my stories simple and just bright.


“Why do you write? Tell me. Is it because you want to write, or because you want to be read?” his curious words make my heart naked.  Sometimes the only way to escape something annoying is to confront it with honesty or a naked heart. However here, in this cafe, I have voices in my head with multiple answers. 

“Because my mom liked everything that I wrote. Soon I started calling it a hobby.”

“Because I love reading my silence on a bright page.”

“Because I have stories to tell.”

“Because my story is history. And I know other stories that are mysteries.”

“Because someday people will read and wonder if they knew me well.”

“Because this is my most favorite hobby.”

“Because writers are true pioneers. They can change a generation.”

I know I have to pick the right one quickly.

“Because…I want to write.”

“But what is the point? It’s like screaming inside an empty auditorium, if you don’t want to be read. It’s like keeping that secret diary and pretending like a whispering pen,” he tries hard to make sense.


I knew someone who was influenced by my love for blogging. She said, she wanted a place to express herself, even though she never really wrote anything. The first thing she did after that conversation was an announcement on her social networking site, about her desire to start a blog.  I realized after months that she actually wanted to be heard, she did not want to be a writer. We all have our own reasons. 

When I started blogging, I summarized my blogging goal on a little yellow post-it, ” Don’t hold back those stories.  Writing is not about getting readership. Writing is about telling everything that you know, writing is honesty. A writer is that friend who you won’t find in your friend circle. She’s that friend who you would like to meet again and again on those favorite paragraphs and book-marked chapters.” So I wrote what I wanted to say, not really what people wanted to read.

Sometimes I write about things that only I observe, feel and want to share with a piece of paper. They are about nostalgia of a great childhood, grown-up dilemmas, a photogenic neighborhood, a fallen leaf on rain-washed road, places close to me, or that selfie-obsessed friend who judges every single person except herself at every gathering. To me, writing is a private love affair. But I blog using a real name. That’s contradictory. Don’t we all own some kind of contradictions in us, wrapped under millions of smiles and sighs?

There are days when I do not share what I write, I keep those words away from limelight. I lock them inside a black hardcover to keep them tightly hugged, like how people secure pure love from all judgmental minds. It is peaceful you know, when you read your own creations, your own thoughts tucked into dead alphabets that mean something different and alive only to you.



“You know, if your writing can touch at least one heart, then you’re a successful writer. If you want to be popular, you definitely have to write for others,” he stops this unending discussion for a while. 

Another gloomy day is ending now. No more coffee is going to save me from this fiasco. I know myself well. I am not going to be that popular writer that my friend describes. Most of the popular writers post semi-fictional anecdotes on social networking sites to stay connected with their readers everyday. They tweet more frequently than any other birds I know. They follow what sells well in the world and what trends on twitter. I shy away from self-promotion or even a selfie, I don’t hash-tag to emphasize my opinions. I prefer to walk ahead through the fog, pretending to hone some skills without having any finite destination in my mind. 


To me, writing is liberating. I write because those stories that we secure for ourselves inside us deserve freedom. Why do you write?

 sunny afternoon

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

15 thoughts on “I write because…”

  1. OMG . I sigh with my heavy heart as I finish reading your post . Very touching Archita . For new bloggers like me we need some inspiration from real stories than a Google search . A story like yours . I am inspired . Thanks a lot for that :):)


  2. That’s amazing to hear, Kriti. Not sure how to do the next part without being self-promoting.
    I did my part by writing expressing it out loud. 🙂 🙂 I’m happy if this piece at least inspires someone to write what he/she wants to write.

  3. Exactly. Writing is healing. It’s empowering when people get to do what they love. Not that many of us have that choice in other things in life. Thank you, Scott 🙂

  4. Patrick, write regularly if you love writing, say what you need to say. There’s no rule for success. Those are noble causes- making someone smile, encouraging someone on a difficult day. Number of likes and comments don’t really prove any goodness. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

  5. WOW!
    This is truly amazing.
    I am so moved by this write up.
    Too good a thing to post.
    Overwhelmingly taken with this.. :’)

    If you don’t mind, i would like to Reblog this.

  6. Why do I write? Excellent question Archita. My blog grew out of a series of Facebook posts I wrote while traveling across the country on the oldest alignments of Route 66. While my Facebook days are gone forever, I really enjoyed writing this series of posts. Now I write because I enjoy doing so. It is a creative outlet. If I was judging the success of my writing by the number of followers, I would be considered a failed writer and blogger (I have yet to break through 300 followers). I too have always enjoyed writing and was told by many teachers that I was a good writer. Obviously it is true based on my “How to make a rat trap extremely deadly” post because it comes up as the number result in a Google search. Based on this criteria, I have reached the pinnacle of blogging with less than 300 followers! I’m a successful blogger and rat killer (score: 5 confirmed kills and one rat tail) at the same time! If only I had a “Like” for each visit to this post. But then again, that is not the reason I write. I write with the hope of making someone smile. To provide a encouraging thought to someone who is having a difficult day. Share what I have learned on my journey through life. Thanks for the thought provoking post. Patrick

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