Shadows and Lights


“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
― Søren Kierkegaard

“Maybe it was not a bad year,” I whisper to myself after seeing another  friend’s “A Great Year in Review” clip on my FB news feed. “Maybe the goods were more powerful than the evils, maybe smiles were overpowering  all the tears,” I keep thinking while chopping carrots, onions, cauliflower florets. Sometimes multi-tasking calms my mind and helps me to find priorities.

Priorities. Aren’t they the most fragile things in life? They appear and then vanish to nothingness after you find another fancy toy to hold on to. I remember, I wanted to wear many hats in 2014. Honestly no such dramatic thing happened. I’m still seeking good moments through a big camera lens, polishing my skills and  wearing the same pair of unpolished boots. I wore a few new hats though, but nothing made me intellectually fulfilled. I read that powerful line by Rumi again and again – what you seek is seeking you. Not sure why 2014 does not have that magnetic power to make it all true!

My phone doesn’t agree with me when I want this year to go. It has stored close to seven thousand odd moments when I felt like the happiest and most content person on earth.

The phone of a moment catcher doesn’t lie, even though my heart lies at times and wants to call 2014 not really a good year.


Sometimes we worry about the bad things, while the good things just walk along and stay unnoticed, like that best friend from high school who every protagonist ignores in almost all rom-coms. Sometimes we feel miserable after losing a few dreams that were not supposed to come true, sometimes we ignore the possibilities that needed little efforts; sometimes we miss the big picture while trying to use our highlighter pens on those little details that won’t matter after a year.

A year is big. 1 year. 12 months. 365 days. 8765.81 hours. And many good and bad moments. We all have those moments each year; yet it’s daunting to let them all go and welcome another one with a fresh mind. I wish I had the shift+delete button for all the negative emotions my mind retained time to time.


I hope I can accept a year the way it is supposed to be, discourage my OCD to make everything perfect. No year will be perfect or smooth, even though I secretly won’t stop hoping for a perfect year, a perfect world around a wiser self.


This introspective post is inspired by Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Editing and Processing (The Light of Day)

“It matters not where or how far you travel…but how much alive you are.”- Henry David Thoreau

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

20 thoughts on “Shadows and Lights”

  1. I am late to the party, but thanks for this posting. And I quote:

    Sometimes we worry about the bad things, while the good things just walk along and stay unnoticed, like that best friend from high school who every protagonist ignores in almost all rom-coms.

    Thanks for this reminder.

  2. Well that brings solace to my heart too..Even though I’m trying to be more positive and constantly working on myself, but it helps me when I know what you wrote here! Thank you! 🙂

  3. I guess, you understood it right. Each year brings lots of good and positive things but the heart always points out at those tiny misses. Well heart wants what it wants..though I, sometimes, try to correct it! 🙂 I really do have so many things to offer. And I have to stop being so harsh on myself.
    Know that your words are so motivating. Thank you for writing here! Happy 2015 to you too!

  4. Firstly- Thank you, Sally, for your beautiful challenges. I showed three pictures taken during different times of the day- the first one was shot during sunset, the middle one during mid-afternoon and the last one during early morning. Thank you for your words here. 🙂 Happy New Year to you! 🙂

  5. I guess I have to stop sharpening the word perfection in everything I do or aspire to do. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your heartfelt words for me, Shailaja!. Happy New Year to you! 🙂

  6. That second photo was taken during a lazy stroll after a heavy post thanksgiving meal. I liked how those tiny yellow windows looked in bright sun.

    You’re absolutely right, Janet. Very few people meet all goals and expectations, each year, and that heals, honestly. I will remember what you taught me today. Thank you for your beautiful words for me for a new year. 🙂

  7. I really love the second photo of the house with the enormous trees around it (although I hope one of them never falls!!) I also love that first quote.

    As for your musings, which I enjoyed, very few people meet all or even most of their goals and expectations for each year. You might like to try picking a few goals you really want to meet, writing them down, and then setting up time and situations each week/month to work towards them. Whatever you do, I know you’ve accomplished much more than you think, even though those accomplishments might not be the ones you wanted to do.


  8. Agree with you Archi on not the so-positive since perhaps something better was hidden. Love this post full of energy and good vibes. Aha! My 2014 was terrible and it added two bad years. Hoping to end the spell in 15′
    Wish you a very wonderful year ahead and things will hit a high with a bang:)

  9. Enjoyed the combination of images and your commentary and insights. The last image is my favorite, really like your choice for post processing. Happy days ahead. Happy Photo Challenge.

  10. I suspect there were many positives event/developments in your year. I’m wondering if seeking perfection is a realistic goal. It’s awfully hard to attain. You are and you have much to offer. Be kind to yourself and consider appreciating you for all that you are. Here’s to a constructive and happy 2015 for you!

  11. Archita, your posts are wonderful, they bring solace to heart and make me look at life more positively. I hope you find what you are seeking. I also notice how much effort you put into each picture. Thank you.

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