The Day before Today

The tree growss

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”
― Virginia Woolf

My day does not start without taking a quick glance at news websites. News. Current affairs. Somehow the world moves on without caring for anyone, and everyday there is one or another breaking news. People discussing about another country, giving opinions even though they know they don’t matter. Sometimes nothing matters. We rise and shine, live another day, and go to bed again. There comes a new day and we forget the past affairs. But somewhere in other part of the world, some people lost their loved one. They will have to live with their agony and time will not erase their memory.

There are days when I wish we could live happily ever after without creating any news. I wish I had a magic wand to change hatred to love, differences to peace. But I know our wonderland is real, very worldly, and magic does not work here.


I woke up very late yesterday. And the second thing I read was a message from a friend informing me about a death. An ex co-worker who was very talented and ambitious passed away yesterday. He was just thirty something. Not the ideal age to say to good bye to the world.  I heard that he was not sick. So the death was sudden, unexpected, and shocking.

Almost a decade ago, during the initial years of my professional life, I worked with him. You know, those years, when we all used to take work too seriously, when we counted success by number of awards at the work place. I remember him well, even though we did not speak to each other in last 8 years. But yesterday I could not stop travelling back to my memories of working with him on difficult calculations of mathematics and logic. I will always remember him as a very calm and composed human being. I am sure, he is at peace, wherever he is now.

Isn’t life so unpredictable and limited? Don’t we all deserve a little warning before the finale?


Whole day on Facebook many of my friends kept discussing about world peace. There were pictures of children who did not know their future before a terror attack in their school. I could not look at those haunting images anymore. Then there were Facebook posts about women’s rights by some people who talk terrible things about other women. Noises- that’s what I call those posts sometimes; as if all the wrongs of the world could be fixed by writing big words.

There are days when I wish we all were sincere enough about each other’s feelings, we were less pretentious and more real on social networking sites.  To bring change, we have to be on the field, working hard. Writing opinions here and there does not move the world to another era. Does it?


I spoke to many old friends yesterday. It’s surprising how we get older so soon, and start having “old” friends. I mean, they were just friends even two decades ago. I just wanted to check if my friends are doing well and are happy. 


I still do not know how to deal with difficult people in a simple way. I can dedicate many blog posts to them, writing about their amusing conflicts. But I still could not figure out why they carry their own insecurity like a burden and blame the whole world for everything. I know a few such people in real life. I know they are not bad, just not perfect. Nobody is perfect. But I guess I am too tired of playing the role of a trash-bin. Yesterday while interacting with a very strange human being, I realized, my niceness is not the cure to that person’s problem. I wish I could offer her something, at least an advise on getting some help. But more interaction was going to offer me more sadness.

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”
― Dalai Lama

2014 has been a mixed year for me. I lost my grandfather, I traveled miles with a pair of shoes and some good books, I saw rainbow, and a few rainy months here and there without losing hope for sunshine. But yesterday was, perhaps, the most depressing day. I hope there are better days ahead.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

8 thoughts on “The Day before Today”

  1. Really sorry for a late reply. I wish 2015 becomes a better year for you and all of us. I read a line some months back, “Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” I hope 2014 gifted you something that you’ll use in coming years. Happy Holidays to you, Itty.

  2. I don’t like hollow words, too. It’s too easy to talk, but it needs real work to solve anything- bigger or smaller errors. Loved your post, as always. That picture of the tree hugging the sky brings solace to heart.

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