Rain in the Bay


The weather wanted to be obedient, it followed the forecast. It was supposed to be a gloomy day, with the fiercest storm, power outage, flood threats and heavy rainfall.

It didn’t stop raining. Today has been cold, dark and very different, like I am in another planet from a science fiction. I read about all the problems people came across today because of the rainfall. But can we control nature?


I hear people complaining about the rain, I wish I could tell them how I hated driving through those hills covered with dry trees and yellow grasses for two long years. This time, rain will change them all and color them green. 

I love the way rain falls for days, tirelessly. I love that sound it makes on my window, drop by drop, reminding me of countless fleeting moments that I hardly notice.

Today I stayed home. It’s easy to take a small break from usual routine to enjoy the rain. It’s even easier to make myself five cups of ginger tea, arrange a chair on the porch, read poetry, and try some creative photography. Even though the whole world around me called the day “worse”, I know, just like me, there are many living beings who are happier today because of those raindrops in this drought-ridden state. 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

18 thoughts on “Rain in the Bay”

  1. Yes, it’s fun to welcome the season with color of the outer world. I hope you’re enjoying the weather 🙂 It’s great to connect on blog world. 🙂

  2. I noticed the changing color of the hills too, plus beautiful fall color around Sacramento, Placerville. I hope they stay the same whole year- happy and not dried out.
    Rain is beautiful, gives me enough opportunity to stomp around the puddles.

  3. I never liked rain much growing up. Mostly because it disturbed our playtime plans outside. Now I feel differently. I find it comforting and reassuring. And I have no idea why.

  4. Archita,
    The rain is wonderful!!! The hills out my way are already green. My lawn has come back to life. And I cleaned my gutters yesterday (they have not been cleaned for four years) after work without falling off the roof. Love that the rain has returned.

  5. Into every life a little rain must fall.
    Isn’t there a saying like that? And doesn’t it also imply rain is bad?
    It seems worse that we would spend much energy railing against things as they are.
    My Mom’s often said “a lot of people complain about the weather, and none of them do a thing to change it.”
    You’re the exception- enjoying the beauty of what is.

  6. That’s a wonderful photograph. I hope this rainfall colors everything green around you. Who doesn’t love rain?

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