Words and Wordlessness

Ray of hope

“You and I live in the age of rapid globalization. We are connected through high-speed Internet. We exchange goods and services in a single global market. Each day, thousands of flights connect us to every corner of the globe. But there is one serious disconnect. It is the lack of compassion. Let us inculcate and transform the individuals’ compassion into a global movement. Let us globalize compassion. Not passive compassion, but transformative compassion that leads to justice, equality, and freedom.”

– Kailash Satyrathi, Winner of Nobel Peace Prize (2014)

There are days when some thought provoking words leave me speechless and optimistic. Not hollow words. But words that come from life experiences. Words that stand out and stir the mind. Words that people share to inspire a whole generation. 

I started the day after reading [ and listening to] Kailash Satyatarthi’s Nobel prize speech and marked a part of it to re-read.  I am saving it to my “Tailpiece” section.

I am hopeful about a reality in the future when we all will be able to globalize compassion. 


Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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