Holding on to November

Tuxpi photo editor: http://www.tuxpi.comIt’s strange how you list things and use the word ” favorite” too many times when you get older, knowing  there’re not many people available to remember that list of yours. But, well, november is my favorite month. It seems short but colorful. My mood, most of the times, follows the color of the outer world. And the outside world is always bright and cheerful here. Autumn colors just enhance that beauty.

I stay in California which is not really Vermont. People don’t come here to click fall pictures. But there are colors, there are fallen leaves, there is a sweet melancholia beneath those rainy days. The nature is not too rushed to winter. And there are surprises. Like this little world I found within my boundary. On a rainy day, those fall colors just added some life in me. 

I can’t believe how quickly this month is ending. I wish November was longer, with those orange pumpkin patches and maple colored sidewalks.

** Do you love November? What is your own November tradition that you follow every year, only for yourself? I click every beautiful maple leaf and rescue many of them from the sidewalk. There are too beautiful to die there unnoticed!

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

12 thoughts on “Holding on to November”

  1. You have a wonderful gift, of writing beautifully. ‘ They are too beautiful to die there unnoticed’ what a beautiful thing to say.

  2. I love driving through those green hills. This year fall color is amazing. I wanted to see Yosemite during fall, but could not go due to rain. I have to go to highway 1 to check fall colors then. Thank you for the information. Hope the trip to Russian river was amazing. Thank you very much
    for your comment, Patrick.

  3. I too enjoy the fall colors Archita. The red and orange leave also means the hills are once again turning green. This past weekend I did a local road trip up to the Russian River and then down Highway 1 before turning back towards home around Highway 92. There was no shortage of beautiful fall colors. Now I just need to rake up all the leaves around my own yard. Patrick

  4. Thanksgiving gratitude list- thats my November tradition. Your pictures are wonderful! Keep up the good work

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