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Almost everyone in my family and friend circle studied Science. Many of them are art lovers, painters, singers, dancers, movie-addicts, foodies, song-admiring people. And all of them are sports fans. My dad, brother and husband love watching all kind of sports. When Olympic happens they admire swimming, tennis and figure skating all at the same time, giving each one same importance. Love deserves attention and importance, right?

I never loved playing Football (okay, Soccer) or Cricket, but during childhood years whenever I was asked to write an essay on “Your most favorite sports” – I wrote about both. I did not want to be the one of their elevens. I just wanted to be one in the audience, admiring the art of the games. “Only eleven people can play. But they cannot win without my support,” was my excuse when I was six years old.

Last night, my friend A wrote to me, “Now that the world cup is over I don’t know what to do from tomorrow.”

“Get a REAL hobby,” I almost screamed.

I should not have done that, because I am one of them too. FIFA World Cup was a part of my life too for a month now.

I had my moments of joy and heart-breaks during sports events. Especially during world cups. And Olympics. And Wimbledon. And US open. And French Open. During every Cricket Match in which India was involved. During every football match in which Brazil, Argentina, USA were involved. During every Tennis match in which Federer or Sharapova was involved.

I am one of those fanatics. And I have company always. It is not like photography, poetry or Woody Allen Movies which I mostly enjoy in solitude; I have to, because I’m pretty alone there. It is sports where every single person in my life has opinions, strategies and favorites. It is that event in which we agree or agree to disagree to preserve harmony.

Yesterday we had a family get-together during the Final match of the FIFA World Cup. Our entire family was divided into two parts: Argentina and Germany. None of us visited those countries. I know German language, but that could not help to make me their fan. My husband did not stop cheering for Germany during their moments of brilliance and I could not be more hurt by Messi’s misses.

“Come on, Messi,” we kept begging for a goal or two. Nothing happened. I almost felt drops of tears, dried up in the corner of my eyes. “Come on, Argentina!” But No one answered to our prayers, till the last second. We, the supporters of Argentina, smiled for the first time in 3 hours when Messi got the Golden Ball.

Often during all final matches of our favorite games, we also become extremely superstitious. No one can understand why people who studied and loved Science and reasons behave like that! Once during the final match of Cricket World Cup, India was playing really great when my mother-in-law went to cook something in the kitchen. So she was requested to stay there for two hours. Cricket is really lengthy. But who’ll stop my family to believe what they want to believe! We believed that the fate and luck of the team were dependent on my mother-in-law’s movement in her kitchen. It worked too, really! Yesterday my nephew was on call when Messi was aggressively amazing. So my nephew really wanted to be on call for some time again, to help Argentina win the cup. But we, the elders asked him not to fall for superstitions. Argentina could not win!

As I grow older, family traditions like this grow on me more. It’s love, maybe! It’s the adrenaline rush, perhaps! It’s in having faith in someone’s talent. It’s in efforts to be there to help the favorite team/person win. To me, though, it’s family ritual, inevitable because of beautiful memories. I hope, our love for sports and final games stays like this forever. At least in people around me. At least during Cricket, Football, Tennis matches. 

** Which team did you support? Do you have a void in your life, now that the world cup is over? Are you superstitious too, during an important match? **


Author: Archita

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18 thoughts on “Fanatics, Football, Finals”

  1. Football! American football, that is. We love it. Especially college football. Will be exciting this year because they are finally going to a playoff scenario. Could be interesting!

    Tennis is another favorite, but we watch just about any sport that comes on. 🙂

  2. It’s half-done, Nida! I started writing my love for Ghazals, Ghalib, Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Singh and even could not finish that yet! 😀

  3. Sometimes I think people from the sub-continent were injected with an extra dose of emotions and heart. Everything with us is just so much more colorful and dramatic:). I love it:)

  4. We were so sad that the family members who supported Germany could not express their happiness nicely! Ha ha! You’re so right, those little things increase the enjoyment. 🙂

  5. How true, Nida! Some of my family members love all kind of sports. 🙂 Ya, Cricket. Really, that’s like a huge family event, with amazing food, snacks, desserts and having party! ha ha.:) Food is the hero of such events, right! :)I must confess, those things never made quite sense to me, but now I love them more, accepting the fact that some things are purely for entertainment and for family traditions. 🙂 India- Pakistan matches, really, same people who support India that day support Pakistan the very next day when Pakistan plays against another country. I can never understand how multi-colored and multi-faceted love is sometimes!

  6. 11 people and 1 ball- I always found playing the game boring. 🙂 Watching is more fun especially my family members make some funny comments sometimes. I mean, all have strategies and opinions! ha ha! Ya, nowadays even I don’t want to sit home to watch any kind of sport except World Cup matches, Superbowl and tennis! 🙂

  7. I love playing soccer, but I could never get into watching it. In fact, I don’t really get into watching much of any kind of sport except football, and even that doesn’t hold me interest like it used to.

  8. Family traditions are the best:). In my case watching sports is just my father’s passion. I always preferred the real thing, playing any sport I could get my hands on. Yes but with cricket, and especially when its an India vs Pakistan match(you know how it is right haha) a huge lot of family and friends would gather at my inlaws and it was a partayyy;). Thanks for reminding me of such wonderful moments.

  9. I was cheering for germany all the way through, so I’m quite pleased with the result. I do also find myself extra superstitious during important matches, despite me too being educated in science. However I think that increases the enjoyment, to at least feel that you have an impact on the outcome of the game.

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