A Window With A View


When I wait outside a big corporate building, or when I am stuck in traffic in a corporate neighborhood surrounded by pricey cars and tall skyscrapers, I often look up to find a window, an open window. A window that connects some dots of some vagabond minds and the outside world.

Sometimes I can visualize a person waiting impatiently in one of those closed, air-conditioned cars, scrolling up and down his phone screen to connect with someone. I can imagine someone inside a windowless cubicle in one of those skyscrapers, trying to connect with a real person on every browser, on every opened web window, on every social networking site, to talk, to pour his heart out. We all want to connect with each other, no matter where we are- skyscrapers or lost in a deep forest or awestruck somewhere else.

Windows are meant to connect all of us.  Still it’s strange to perceive how we keep some windows open without knowing much about them, and how we bypass a closed window every day to preserve some meaningless tradition.

I never lived or worked in a window-less room. But because of my city life all windows opened to a noisy road. I chose to live like that because I loved observing people. Also, there’s no option for welcoming loneliness if your window opens up a busy world. To network with other people, to share stories, I never had to use technology much. The hard, polluted, clamorous reality was enough.


 Last week, during our backpack trip to Mammoth Mountains and Yosemite Valley (finally after a long wait) I found this hotel window that gifted me a soul-stirring view of outside world. It was enough to inspire me to give up my usual windows of the city and hug the solitude and peace of those giant sierra redwoods and sequoia trees. I don’t know why no windows ever offered me such views. Destiny. Perhaps. Don’t we all blame destiny when reasons fail?

That day when the evening dropped down the final curtain and when those trees were not visible anymore, I had a dream of a broken window, and a few close people in that redwood forest calling my name. It was easy to hold hands and connect through a broken window. Broken windows are like a broken cans of memories- scary at first but soon you know what you have to do next! Strangely that very moment it all felt like a sign. But I don’t believe in signs. [Being a Science believer, that’s the price I pay, I know.]

I should go to nature more, I realized that. There I find the real joy. Watching the Sun sprinting away in the clouds and chasing it with a bulky camera, must have been my craziest fulfilled aspiration. I understood that I love being in a place where nature and I have some open windows to share our hidden stories. Walking on muddy roads, discovering the beauty of a greenish pond that everyone forgot to notice, sitting on a big rock to capture the color of the sky, or staying in network free zones for days- I love all of them. And whenever I am close to nature and its purity, I miss a few close people a lot. I dream of making a small hut, a hut with open doors and windows, in front of some mountain, with some of my close people, the like-minded co-passengers on this journey. Who cares for technology, wifis, network issue then!


I could not write much and read at all in last a few weeks. I could not connect with any friends. Sometimes I feel like asking time for some more time every day. 24 hours are not enough anymore. I was using my blog timings to research and pack for our trip. The whole trip was fun but very tiresome. I’ll write about it later. I’ll also post some of the 3000 photographs that I clicked during the trip. Yosemite is truly magical, especially when a star-lit black sky shows you how petty you and other mortal things are!



Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

22 thoughts on “A Window With A View”

  1. Thank you for the visit, Christy. 🙂 There will be more pictures for sure. 🙂 And yes, destiny is a good shelter in the rain or fog. 🙂

  2. “Don’t we all blame destiny when reasons fail?” … This is so true. *I guess it wasn’t meant to be.* or *Things always work out like they’re meant.*

    By the way, love those sunglasses on the table. 😉 Looking forward to more pictures!

  3. Thank you, Ree. Really it’s amusing to see those folks in closed cubicles and cars, trying to connect with real world!

  4. Really Arch, a window that opens to a natural forest is wonderful. I think, last time in a jungle I had a scary incident: (leopard and elephant at the doorstep) but this time all went well. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  5. I lived in big cities because that’s where dad’s and my career stayed. But nowadays smaller cities and towns have everything too, minus the traffic and grumpy neighbors, of course! 😀 I agree with you about LA but I can’t predict my future, so I’ll pass it this time. Your hometown downtown is super cute. We all were planning a weekend brunch there. Your town looks more amazing after rain, when the yellow grasses get life. Thank you for sharing your point of view and happiness here.

  6. Archita,

    I always thought it would be fun to live in a big city like San Francisco or New York (The L.A. basin will hopefully never be on my list). After living on a busy street in the downtown core of my hometown, I have discovered that I would most likely never find happiness in a big city. The view out your window in this post best describes who I am. I love being able to find open space and enjoy nature. To reconnect with the dust from which we came and someday will return. Thanks for sharing about your view through the window. It is all connected.


  7. This picture is soulful and imaginative. I see so much positive thoughts weaved into words about life and our existence. Our thought process and actions define us:)

  8. Nature and its endless soothing hands can have that effect on us petty mortals. You explained it beautifully! Lovely post Archita:)

  9. Huh!! You’re so right about us, inside closed windows, seeking possible connections. As always loved this post as well.

  10. There you’re back! Like option not working for me, but what a thought provoking post. Two thumbs up! First two paragraphs made me smile. You’re so correct.

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