San Francisco: One Afternoon on Tiled Steps


It was one foggy Thursday in San Francisco yesterday, we both completed an important work and had the rest of the day free. 

While sitting inside the busy Starbucks, I was browsing on internet to find a place to go, to give my eyes rest, somewhere without wifi and all connectivity, somewhere close to nature. Travelling around 20 miles was not an option since the next day, Friday, was not a holiday.  And then just when I almost decided to spend the rest of the day at some cafe in Sausalito, my husband drove me to this place.

2 3 6 7 9

I heard, there are 167 mosaic steps here, I didn’t count because I was enjoying the fleeting happiness of the moment.



When you’re on the top, you’ll definitely feel you’re on top of the world, the place opens up to a beautiful panoramic view of San Francisco houses, their roof tops, and of course the very gorgeous pacific ocean. 

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It’s strange that I missed being in this place earlier. I grew up in a city and I realized that even after knowing all the popular corners of your city, you’ll still find an extra spot that you never visited. A city loves giving you those little surprises, it grows on you and some day you decide not to step into any other world. You continue calling yourself a “city girl” proudly, draw your boundary of comfort, and decide to wait forever to see where the growth of civilization takes you.


In case you want to go to this place, it’s called “The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps project”. You can Google the address; and don’t forget your sneakers and camera. I missed both terribly.


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Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

38 thoughts on “San Francisco: One Afternoon on Tiled Steps”

  1. Oh good! I’m doing well, thank you. I posted yesterday; I know you’ll read it soon. I look forward to your comments.

  2. I hope you’re doing well, Itty. Thank you for liking it. In future, I’m going to show other unusual parts of the city. 🙂

  3. I know two other stairways in the city. I didn’t know about this one. Thank for the link. It was helpful. I never went to any stairway in the city because I know places, peaks, and points from where the city landscape looks amazing. But this one left me surprised. Thank you for the visit and information.

  4. Funky and creative tile-work. I could see myself huffing n puffing on the steps to take photos from every possible angle! Really nice photos Archita 🙂

  5. You see those mosaic arts, colors only while going up; while climbing down it looks simple, white, which saves the fall, I guess. But, ya, 167 steps up and then again down- great cardio! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and your comment.

  6. I missed my camera. I wonder how beautiful the place would look on a Sunny day. Also I guess, this would be amazing for black and white photography. I can’t wait to try all again.

    Thank you, Shane, for stopping by and the comment.

  7. Wow, thanks for sharing this fascinating place. I wonder how long this would have taken to complete. I also can’t believe how terrifically vibrant the colours were.

  8. Those stairs are crazy! I’d be afraid to go down them because I’d be so mesmerized by the colors and patterns I’d misstep and tumble down, down, down.

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