Off to honor Wordlessness!

shoes of dreams

I lost my voice due to harsh weather changes in this part of my world. Since my inner world and outer world have a symbiotic friendship I felt I lost my inner voice too.

What do you do when you cannot listen to yourself?

Sometimes silence is the best medicine to cure words of a lost voice. I used the power of silence to consume hard realities, to celebrate contentment and happiness, to swim through grief, to outgrow noisy stupidity, to value conscious compositions of the inner truth, and occasionally to feel better during blurred sick days.

I will be back to blogging by early next week. Meanwhile I’ll read you all and live many minutes by watering my plants, thanking my nights for gifting new mornings, lifting another page of a few new and old books, and feeling overwhelmed by the transience of this world.

Have a great week, you all!


Now Something I want you to know:

This post is not ending here. If you’re on WordPress, you of course know Rara,  the wonderful human being, the popular blogger from She’s one of my most favorite bloggers. She, her artist husband Dave and their two wonderful cats are going through a hard phase. You can help them by buying Dave’s painting, or by donating food, money. You can also help by keeping them in your prayers and in your good thoughts.  You of course know, this world is beautiful when we all are there for each other. 


Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

14 thoughts on “Off to honor Wordlessness!”

  1. Me either. I mean, I dedicated a post to her yesterday and I hope she had a chance to read and and know just how much I value our friendship, but other than that I’m completely speechless.

  2. Thank you Vishal. I really appreciate your kindness. I’m sure FB and twitter-verse will be of big help. That pic, yes, thank you for saying that.

  3. I’ve read about Rara and Dave.shared on fb and twitter as well..hope u get ur voice soon and love the cover pic..couldn’t be better than that!

  4. What’s happen to Rara and Dave, no words 😦

    Take care of yourself, Archita! I hope your voice, both inner and outer, recovers speedily!

  5. Ahh I can’t even think about Rara and Dave without tears welling up…

    I hope you feel better soon! I also lost my voice through my sickness, although I somehow found my inner voice (kind of — thinking makes my head hurt still). I’m sure your plants are gorgeous, and take care!

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