The Greeting Corner

spring flow

My weekend was about many things but the most important of them all was about making a green corner in our porch.

Now I have this bad habit of making emotional connections with things I love; specially with living beings that just don’t talk love but give back love unconditionally and silently. Plants. Yes.

I had plants in the past and since my mom loves gardening, they are always a topic of our discussions. For sometime now I live a traveler’s life and think a lot before buying things that I cannot take care of forever. But this weekend I kicked out all confusions and worries and adopted a few saplings which included a colorful Bougainvillea plant. 

To me, Bougainvillea = Instant love.

A few pots of plants = Painting landscape of love.

I don’t know what future holds for me. But I know, I see a colorful present and a lasting spring shining in the corner to greet me every time I pass by!

spring flower1

*** This post is written in response to one of the most amazing photography challenges : Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Nature  hosted by Sally. You can visit her site for photography inspirations.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

23 thoughts on “The Greeting Corner”

  1. some plants work well for me. other do not. some do in pots. others do not. i think, like you are doing, we just need to keep trying. cool on that. aloha.

  2. Thank you, Rick. You are absolutely right. I am planning to get more bougainvillea plants of assorted colors once I am convinced I am taking care of this one well. Thank you. 🙂

  3. They indeed are spectacular and they make everything look so lively and bright. Thank you for your kind comment, Sally. Your challenge is truly inspiring.

  4. Thank you, Janet, for your kind comment. The first picture is taken in late afternoon and the second one during one bright morning; same plant looks different with different angles against light. Yes, I thought of using a frame for both of them.

  5. Oh, your image reminds me of a lavish Bougainvillea in France that was witness to the Matisse Chapel. They are spectacular plants. Your close up gives me all the spritely color that I recall. Happy Photo Challenge.

  6. The first picture is so beautiful that it shows why it means “instant love” to you.

  7. Very pretty flowers and plants make such a difference. It’s so nice you think long term too if you can continue the responsibility of looking after it most people wouldn’t worry about it x

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