21 irrational dislikes.

There’s this WordPress topic that I loved reading: 21 things we irrationally love or hate.I have already written so many posts about things I love but I haven’t written about things I don’t love.

Basically I do not love the word “hate” and the word “hate” is more irrational than anything I know.  I do not hate anything. I dislike many things though. And because I am a die hard mathematics loving, logic driven person, I call all my personal “dislikes” rational because I have logic to transform them from irrational to rational any day. 

But just to go with the flow I would like to call this narcissistic post of mine: “21 rational irrational dislikes” and let you know why I dislike them.

This is one shot I clicked while searching earthworms
  1. Earthworms. I know they do not bite or chase me ever. But if it rains and I have to be outside, you’ll find me staring at the pavement as if I am researching or writing a thesis about wet soil.
  2. Taste and smell of tangerine.
  3. The word “Selfie” and the unreasonable, sudden hype of it.
  4. Surprises.
  5. Using makeup to hide pimples. I drink lots of water, eat and sleep well for weeks to heal them if they ever appear. I think I’m not a fan of quick-fixes.
  6. Hourly/Minutely/Secondly personal Facebook updates. “What’s on your mind” cannot come out public that often unless it’s strategically or idly self-promotional.
  7. Dirty dishes in kitchen sink. It’s a mood-altering sight for me.

    I don’t call any of them irrational dislikes
  8. The colors hot pink and fluorescent green.
  9. Greasy food.
  10. Bad handwriting. 
  11. Loud Music. 
  12. Pretentious people. In my lengthy career graph and not so lengthy life-time I have seen so many of them. They definitely achieve their short-term goals; but in long term life pretty excellently reveals them.
  13. Undermining the value of education.
  14. My glasses (spectacle), because a heavy camera and glasses are really not the best combination to click an amazing shot. Also, 3D movies appear 6D if I wear my 2D glasses beneath 3D glasses. 
  15. Colored outfits on busy week days. I don’t like to spend time thinking if pink goes with blue or yellow goes with green.
  16. Hand sanitizers. I prefer washing my hands with soaps zillion times.
  17. Clutters. I can’t focus on more important things unless I have a neatly organized house.
  18. Cleaning [Yes, the point 17 and 18 go well together in life!] .
  19. Some people who stand at the creative corner of my house (where I showcase my books, art works and photography) and ask when I am having a baby. I naturally love babies and will have them in future but it’s plain annoying when people ask abstract questions like this without noticing other creative things in my world.
  20. The question: “When are you getting married?”- asked by some people to some people. I’m already married, so I’m not asked the question. But….I don’t know why some people give this question so much importance as if it’s the most important deadline in life. Isn’t it a personal decision?
  21. Sugar and sugary talks. I detest both! 

    Logic and diet plan fail when I see a slice like this..
  22. When some people nag: “Don’t diet that much. You’re not fat.”, knowing I am not avoiding fatty, sugary food to win a beauty contest. I have no choice but to try my best to stay healthy after knowing the health history of my family. 


*** Do you have anything that you irrationally love or hate?

*** If you loved this post, you will love this and this too; I found the topic on those two amazing blog posts.

**** Yes, there are 22 points.  🙂 I added one extra.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

16 thoughts on “21 irrational dislikes.”

  1. Ha ha, No, C.K, I’m so sorry :). It’s just that my dad’s handwriting is so bad and we always wondered why because my brother,cousins and I were praised for our handwriting! Later, I noticed almost all doctor has bad handwriting; sometimes I really don’t understand what they write on the prescriptions! 😀 Handwriting a post is a very good idea. 🙂

  2. I share a lot of the same dislikes with you, including the dislike of the word “hate”! Sadly one of the ones I don’t share is the one on the bad handwriting, mine is horrible lol I promise I will never handwrite a WP post 😉

  3. Ha ha! Ya, last year I dedicated a whole long post on that 1st point. I am so happy that I share that point number 1 with you : I am not alone! Yay! 🙂 Thank you for being there, Indira. 🙂

  4. There are so many other points too where I’m with you; number 1, 7, 17,20,21 on your post. 🙂

    Yes, my calmed down rebel heart accepted that some people are nosy and weird and hypocrite. 🙂 They talk so much about empowering women and they only try to stop women from achieving their dreams. They want women to be like them and wait for someone else to empower women too at the same time. 🙂 “not having a kid has set me aside as an “outsider” which has been… odd.” – that’s really odd. Hugs, E. 🙂

  5. Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only contradictory cleaning/clutter despising person out there. 🙂

    People are weird and nosy is the conclusion I’ve come to, haha. Children are especially prevalent on a military base, as it turns out — not having a kid has set me aside as an “outsider” which has been… odd.

  6. After I read your post I thought of writing one too, specially cleaning and clutter points I had to mention, that’s a part of daily life. 🙂 About 19: It starts on Day 2 after marriage, Point 20: Thank God it ends on Day 1 of marriage. I don’t know why people love asking those questions though. They both are annoying. 🙂 Thank you for reading, E. 🙂

  7. Ha ha , ya,quite a long list.:) I don’t wear glasses that much too because I don’t like them. 🙂 Thank you, Justine, for reading.

  8. That’s quite a list lol and yes I imagine glasses and camera not good I have glasses but quote obviously don’t wear them enough. My pet hate is bad manners I am very intolerant of it which isn’t too great heh

  9. I enjoyed this! In relation to 19/20 — I agree! It irks me to no end when people ask me when I’m planning to have kids.

  10. LOL! a heavy camera and glasses are really not the best combination to click an amazing shot. -That was epic:) I agree with all points except makeup:) I love quick-fixes. 🙂

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