paper boats

A long pause

of hushed confusions.

Placid whispers

of new beginnings.

Yellow sun

washed away

our leaden sky;

hemmed in by

glossy hopes

and fuzzy surmises,

I sail alone

to your haven,



Written for Trifecta Writing Challenge: Week 105



I always have something more to say when I end a letter or a goodbye speech.

I remember, during last semester in a school, a friend wrote on my slam-book: “Goodbyes are new beginnings.”. I thought he wrote that because his English was bad and he could express more nicely on his work of electronic circuit designs than on a slam-book. Years later, now I know what those words meant. We both traveled to different parts of the world, we both met again and again, at work, at family gatherings, at new beginnings and new locations. 

“Goodbyes are new beginnings.”

So, Trifecta editors, maybe we’ll meet again. That’s the hope. May you craft a bigger and more magnificent creative hub and shine brighter!

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

30 thoughts on “Postscript”

  1. I like, “hemmed in by glossy hopes.” I also like the idea that goodbyes are new beginnings- it takes the finality out of ‘goodbye’!

  2. I am hopeful about that too. I had to write a postscript of hopes as I don’t love endings; specially when I am in love with something and that ends all of a sudden. 🙂 Thank you for the visit and your words.

  3. Lovely, Archita! Especially ‘fuzzy surmises’ has me intrigued.
    Here’s to a new common ground : )

  4. “hemmed in by

    glossy hopes” Ooh-such beautiful writing Archita,loved it :-)Am totally with you on this-I too hope that we all meet again and again!

  5. Not sure which of your words left me mesmerized..”A long pause of hushed confusions” or “Placid whispers of new beginnings” or “fuzzy surmises”! There you rock again with your amazing imagery!

  6. This is beautiful, and I love your postscript. I truly hope our paths will continue to cross, that we Trifectans weave a new pattern each time we do.

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