That “Lost” feeling.

Life is beautiful

During this time of the year I am a bag of mixed feelings. I don’t know who or what to blame. Is it because I wear jacket one day and a simple summer dress the other day? Is it because the weather is more unpredictable than the behavior of many known people? Is it because I was unwell during this time of the year couple of times in my life?

I don’t know the answer, except I was unwell this time too and had to rush to hospital. Such is life! Sometimes I feel it follows its own pattern and sooner I simplify that pattern better it is to live with.

This morning I just felt more lost than ever, even though every physical thing around me proved: I am much better today.I wrote this short poem while feeling sick last week: on one morning when I wanted to write and words kept playing hide and seek with my fevered mind.


Flames of that story

Sometimes you miss the whole meaning.
Sometimes half-burnt words complete my story.
There are too many ways to reach the point,
but I take the one that’s filled with light
to sanitize my vision, so that
I can select misery from feigned hopes
and paint with bright flames.


My words swing with a puff of wind:
cold in your cold land,
warm when they touch.
The flames are no longer that lengthy,
but walk with caution.
Fire is hidden deep inside.
The ashes blew half-burnt, but half-alive.
Words unsaid are widespread now
as I painted each of them with bright flames.


** Does spring make you nostalgic? Do books help if you ever feel lost? 




Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

16 thoughts on “That “Lost” feeling.”

  1. Zyrtec is a daily medicine. The first couple of weeks I was on it I was excessively tired, but after that I was fine and my allergies rarely have bothered me.

  2. I will check it then. Thank you, TD. I have this wonderful thing. Most of the times, medicines give me all side effects [ mentioned on that white paper that comes along] than effects. 😦

  3. I read all your posts my friend, your poems have been my favorites. But after a long time I am reading a poem on your page. I hope tomorrow is better than today. Wish you good health. Get well soon.

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