I love when it rains on the winter weekends.

I love that I can pause life to go out in nature and let the raindrops cleanse my soul.

Rain 2

And I love that sometimes I find rainbows out of nowhere.

Rain 4

And I remember that my grandma once said : Rainbows are enlightened raindrops …I do believe they are!

For Weekly Photo Challenge:Threes

****The Update: Due to some technical issue, the pictures on this post were not visible at first. It’s been corrected.

Also,I have done a few re-arrangements in this side of my world, the blog page. Do you like the new look of my blog?

37 responses to “Three shots and one story”

  1. Rains are enlightened raindrops, great thought. The pictures are fascinating,Archita and rain is ma favorite season:) Moments to cherish sipping tea and reading an awesome book:)

  2. Archita,
    The old truck in the background of the first picture is very cool…and I love the thought about rainbows!

  3. I liked the last picture the most. It’s divine!
    I see you don’t write much thz days! Would love to read more of your write ups here. The new look of the blog is awesome!

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