Flock and Feather…

“They are ready to give you new opportunity and they are really sorry for their behavior. “

Whatever!” I shrugged, “I am not ready to forgive yet. “ 

As I kept the phone to mute the world and relax in my silence, I remembered Mara, my best friend from high school. She was the one who introduced the word “Whatever” to my life.

“Why do you say that word all the time?” I asked her once.

“It makes me feel free, unhindered, as if nothing else can stop my life, you know. Nothing else is more important right now.” she explained to me clearly.

My mom thinks that words of people who we love work like addictive drugs: they govern us, they haunt us, and they make us and, maybe, break us too.

My friendship with Mara was meant to last forever, “Birds of a feather flock together. We are soul sisters with same hair style and a shared heart. “, she grinned each time someone asked her if we were twins.

I believed her more than I believed my mirror, “Sisters and BFFs – best friends forever! “

Whatever! Just for an eternity. Forever!” she reassured.

High school happened more than a decade ago when BFF was not a prevailing word but real friendship was quite prevalent.

Sometimes I think, “Forever” is the most ephemeral word. Mara and I live in the same country. We spoke only once in last 5 years. Love shrivels, stories fade into passiveness of aberration, and promises dwindle away.

They say: death makes us separate because our souls live in two different worlds. But they do not talk about death of relationships , death of friendships in which two people annihilate the word “Forever “ from their actuality, break ties, end emotional connections while co-existing in each other’s memories quite randomly.

Mara lives in my mind each time I utter “Whatever”, convincing her friendship vows of youth: We are meant to be together forever!




Exactly 330 words for Trifecta Writing Challenge : “Trifecta: Week 109


The words , feelings expressed in the story are true ; the name “Mara” is not. 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

44 thoughts on “Flock and Feather…”

  1. Yes , it’s amazing to notice how much a word means to us ! All relationships , broken , alive , half-lost – all are very precious! Thank you , Lala, for coming over here and leaving your traces.

  2. That’s very true. You have exactly understood things I kept hidden in each word : the depth of the emotion. 🙂 The equations in life are pretty complex ; some people are best friends since early years , some left silently. I felt I have no control over other’s emotions , I have on mine . 🙂 But each experience, friendship helped [ and are still helping] a lot in the later part of life ;that’s wonderful. Thank you, Jo-Anne, for the visit and this amazing comment. 🙂

  3. In this piece you were able to really reflect on the depth of the emotion. Our lives become even more complex as we get older, it’s not surprising that friendships from school don’t seem to last. But isn’t it wonderful we had such love in our hearts early on and taught each other how to be good friends to those who come into our lives later.

  4. Oh! Aren’t you a darling! 🙂

    That’s so true… Life keeps changing and we keep too. A part of the things close to our heart, stays with us. 🙂

  5. That was such a beautiful tale ! I wonder one little word can bring a lot ! The precious reationships in life can never be forgotten you know 🙂 Loved it.

  6. I know, I felt that sadness too, after reading my own post! Yes, each human connection is unforgettable if we are caring human beings! This world is pretty magical! Thank you , Jannat , for the visit and your words. 🙂

  7. Thank you , Sun! Yes, as soon I saw that word on Trifecta I tried ignoring all other work to focus on drafting this .:) There are lyrics , words , places that work like deja vu and remind me of moments and people. 🙂 Must be magic!:)

  8. ” The true friends are the ones you haven’t seen for awhile and the conversation comes very easy…as if time did not exist between the last time you were together. Those are the friendships you want to nurture and keep.” – Yes , Yes ! 🙂 I was going to save that part for one next post . 🙂 You mentioned it so wonderfully.

    Thank you , Patrick, for the readership and wonderful insights. 🙂

  9. Great picture and story. I too have found that many friendships end up one way. It is interesting that “whatever” will be forever connected with a lost friendship. The true friends are the ones you haven’t seen for awhile and the conversation comes very easy…as if time did not exist between the last time you were together. Those are the friendships you want to nuture and keep.

  10. This was beautiful, but sad. It’s true though, even when friends have moved on and the relationship is in the past, there are often triggers that make us remember that bond. It’s hard not to miss that, even though we’ve moved on as well 🙂

  11. That’s completely true! When they were said , they were honest words – the truest ones! Time changes us, time is the culprit – I have always said, Time is my only enemy! 🙂

    I am afraid of promises though! 🙂 They are so fragile. Thank you for the visit and comment , Steve. 🙂 T

  12. Thank you , Vishal . 🙂 The picture is a morph of one of my sketches! 🙂 I have no answer to your question since I am not Anorak ! 😦 But I would like to know/read her blog! 🙂

  13. How true! When I saw the prompt at Trifecta I really wanted to write this out. 330 words seemed less ; but sometimes less is better! 🙂 Thank you for the words , TIZ. Hugs! 🙂

  14. I am so sorry to hear that , Arch. 🙂 How can I make you smile ? Maybe I will try to write a good picture-post for you. 🙂
    “Mara” and I parted because of the paths we chose – we never had any fight or heartbreaks! I heard from couple of other friends about her life in this country, so I called her once. After years,we had no common subject to talk , there was too much silence in our laughter and nostalgia! 🙂
    Some people stay unchanged and better in our memories ; Life changes , new people replace old ones – that’s everyone’s story- even though she exists in each “Whatever” I say , I say that too frequently! 😀

  15. I felt sad reading your post today. 😦 Over the years I too lost many a friend, due to various reasons. I feel sad to have lost those amazing relationships. But I also glad for a few who held strong and that we are there for each other even now. 🙂 Hugs!!

  16. This is a beautiful piece, Archita! Whatever, forever – reflections of our soul and search at times in the water of life – sometimes murky, sometimes clear. Very well done!

  17. hey, Archie…I’ve been using the word ‘whatever’ for years and it’s quite a decent substitute for WTF, that I am guilty of using quite often..hehe..loove the pic, by the way.
    Just One Question: Your blog reminds me of one of ma first blog dost who stayed in Mumbai and is settled in US. Shez a doc by the name of Anorak. dunno yyyy u reminds me of her..lolz

  18. At the time they were said I am sure those words were true. Then time moves on, people and situations change and you look back on those times and think about the promises made with a little sadness.

  19. *Hugs back*. 🙂 I am such a Gandhian , non-violent ! 😉 I don’t kill words , they just feel lost sometimes : I keep searching too! 🙂 Thank you, Ree. 🙂

  20. Hi Tom , Your words made me smile – a happy smile. 🙂 Thank you. 🙂 I silently observe this inner world inside friendships , relationships and try to articulate my observation through stories. 🙂 I am so glad that you felt it’s beautifully-rendered! Made my day! 🙂

  21. I published a few stories,poems ,articles when I was in school. I went to TV too! Then life happened! 😀

    Thank you for all re-readings. Stay blessed! 🙂 Thank you , Arka.:)

  22. It was one of my drawings; I edited the real one with an digital image processing tool to make it attractive and bright . :)Thank you , Indira. 🙂

  23. While everyday is a good day , high school days appear brighter , maybe because of many genuine friends and friendship. Thank you for the visit and your words. 🙂

  24. The common phenomena told in one uncommon way – with a golden touch! You rock , lady! Like someone once said – You should be published ! Do it soon!

    I re-read – “Sometimes I think forever is the most ephemeral word. Mara and I live in the same country. We spoke only once in last 5 years. Love shrivels, stories fade into passiveness of aberration, and promises dwindle away.” and will continue reading this part again and again!

  25. A cyber hug on your way! Can’t express enough how much I loved reading it. You kill my words with your words!

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