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One of the saddest moments of my life arrives when a vacation ends. It feels like life is nothing but the anticipation of holidays! 

I spent last couple of days hiking on unending trails  , driving through exotic natural beauties and keeping my eyes wide open to view lengthy landscapes. I stayed in a place where there was no allure of the popular cafe chains , pizza and burger joints ,retail stores . A place where phone networks did not work and I had to believe more in human network . I tried searching for gems among pebbles , tasted local food and nameless wine and felt like a happy country girl in her known neighborhood. 

holiday 2

This happens. All the time.

I can never travel like a tourist . I travel like a traveler . The popular tourist destinations never fascinate me ; I don’t visit a place to see a building or a monument! I hit the random marvels of the world , sometimes more than once , to explore hidden spots like a spectacular tide pool , a virgin beach , white sand surrounded by dual shaded water , a trail head to a waterfall , a stop to chase monarch butterflies , a community of strange named houses or a sunset lost in front of the beauty of a pier.

It’s different and thus difficult to hold this passion . Also  travelling happiness is momentary ; when I get too attached to a new place , I really start reminding me of the place I belong , I recollect my postal address and happy memories to return to.

This evening had many tiring split seconds of such mindfulness. Within a day , another year will end. Time is fleeting and here I stand standstill , adjusting myself with city life again , a life that competes with the clock and makes friendship with transience.

When time is so temporary , experience is something that promises to stay immutable ; it’s the only thing that helps me to transform into a dauntless traveler.

Luckily , unlike me this world does not follow any routine , it continues sharing its secluded locations and enthralling my eyes.

This new year will have more enchantment , more magic and more captivating moments of the world and words.And hopefully I will find permanence in one of the temporary wonders.

Happy New Year to all of you and to myself too ! ~

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

11 thoughts on “Sojourn..”

  1. Thank you very much, Arch. 🙂 I am wishing you the same , one happiest year till date. 🙂 May you achieve everything your heart desires. 🙂

  2. Yay! I never travel just to touch the landmarks. I love being in a place and feeling local in an unknown neighborhood..:) 🙂 Thank you so much for your wishes , Indira. My namaskars , love and hugs to you. 🙂 A very happy new year to you and your family . 🙂

  3. You travel with the right attitude Archita. Beautiful photographs to go with the lovely post. A very Happy, memorable new year to both of you. Blessings, love and hugs.

  4. This year definitely ends with your beautiful photographs and words!Thank you and Happy New Year !!!

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