Travel Theme: Winter

Winter Travel

The biggest holiday is here , for me. I took two long days to digest the fact that I finally can wake up at 10 AM and go back to sleep at 3 AM , read everything , exercise for three hours , go for a long walk whenever I want.

In last two days , I ate a whole Tiramisu , read 10 pages of “The Lowland ” , watched the Italy holiday episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond [ That’s my favorite holiday tradition ; Is there anyone who loves watching that again and again during holidays?] , planned a movie list for 10 days and had “kebab” special dinner at midnight at a Indo-Pakistani restaurant that was decorated with beautiful lights and happy crowd from every part of the world . 

I still do not have a travel plan for this holiday. 

During holidays , if I do not travel then I sit on my couch and go through old photo albums , just to check how all previous holidays looked ! Memory is a wonderful place to wander ; don’t you agree? 

[ During my album browsing , I found this picture. I think it matches with the theme of my mind right now and also fits the travel theme of this week : Winter ]

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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