Weekly Photo Challenge : One



The best decoration is still the one that’s done by nature , right ? 

I could not resist clicking this Spruce that was standing tall and embellished in front of the breath-taking landscape of Emerald Bay !


[ I saved this picture for a holiday special Weekly challenge! ]

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : One”

  1. Thank you for the support and encouragement. 🙂 If I ever get a chance I will write about women related issues first. 🙂 Poems will come later – I mean, that’s the smallest dream still alive! 😀

  2. Until a year ago, I didn’t know about the lifelessness . We used to have a small pine tree in our backyard , for decoration we used to bring home artificial plants. I came to know during a drive around Tahoe basin where many families were carrying trees . . Proves how little knowledge I have .

    This picture I clicked while leaving the Emerald Bay after photography and short hikes. This tree was looking so gorgeous and this picture is not doing any justice to its real beauty. Thank you for sharing brief description about the basin. I googled after reading your comment. I feel , Patrick , everything looks more beautiful when we don’t try to impose artificial things on it.But, that’s something only some of us think. World works pretty strangely!

  3. You are absolutely right Archita! I would much rather see a tree in a forest than cut down and “decorated” in my living room. Now there is an oxymoron for you! A dead tree in one’s “living” room. I’ll go out to the forest to enjoy the trees. Fact about the Tahoe Basin – During the silver boom in Nevada, most of the Tahoe basin was clear cut of all its trees. The forest that is there now is completely different from when the Native Americans lived on the land around Lake Tahoe. Thanks for sharing a great picture of “Christmas tree” in its natural setting! Patrick

  4. Breathtaking it was !

    You know what you have to do right ? You have to write a book with your pictures and poems 🙂

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