Are you there?


I am back!!

In case you haven’t noticed my absence , let me spill the secret – I drafted a few past posts almost a week ago and scheduled on WordPress because I did not want to miss NaBloPoMo , YeahWrite , NanoPoblano commitment till 30th November. And I also did not want to miss escaping from my routine ,thanks to thanksgiving holidays.

I was in the mountains , listening to country music ,eating country food , playing with snow , capturing moments and feeling like a chameleon who never ever felt lost in new places!

Now that I am back home and ready to welcome “Monday” again, all I see is your amazing comments , support on my posts in my absence. I promise I will read all , write back and then with a cup of fresh tea , I will read all your brilliant  posts [on your pages] that I missed reading this week.

Cheers to a happy Monday! [ I am not that cheerful though I know December has 25 days! 😉 ]


**** What did you do on Thanksgiving ? Do you have a cooking story to share? Did you enjoy daily blogging in November and how did you survive November blogging ? Do you love escaping from everything at least twice in a year? What book did you read this weekend? 

** Looks like there’s snowfall on my blog page after fellow blogger Cheri’s comment. Thank you!

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

14 thoughts on “Are you there?”

  1. hey there I made a discovery about the snow….it’s falling is designated by where your cursor is…if your cursor is on the right of the page the snow falls towards the left and vice versa … if your cursor is in the center of your screen it falls straight down LOL

  2. Dude (dude?) so I have snow now, but although it started pretty slow falling (swirling) down my page it is now shooting across like shooting snow-ball stars!!! I think a blizzard is coming!!!

  3. Then I do not know how! I came back from my trip and saw your comment , clicked on your link and then it started snowing! Now, that’s magic! 🙂 ha ha..but how cool is that ! 🙂

  4. Hot Damn! Let it snow! ROFL :p … umm thank you very much, but I should point out, it did not start snowing on your page AFTER you checked my comment…err, because then my comment would have made no sense and I would have been like some weird blogger prophet or something. haha

  5. LOL i just noticed the end of your post! Dagnabbit, I want some snow too! What’s the deal? Some have it, some don’t. I’m so confused hahahahahahahaha you are silly.

  6. Thank you , Patrick. Definitely. You did the right thing. I saw your thanksgiving post 🙂 And snow is not very far from your place , hardly three hours right? 🙂

  7. Thank you , C.K. 🙂 Yes, I had to schedule them and run away .. 😀
    We made it through November. 🙂 Cheers to us! 🙂 Trifecta writing challenge is amazing. I’ll write on their words again and again 🙂

  8. It has been too long since I got some time in the snow…I’m a bit envious. As far as Thanksgiving…you should eventually find the answer to that question on my blog…it was completely non-traditional but loved by all.

  9. Welcome back, Archita! I had a feeling you prescheduled posts. I wish I had thought far enough ahead to have done that as well this holiday weekend but of course, I didn’t lol

    We made it through November though! You did wonderfully, even winning Trifecta during the marathon month! 🙂

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