I had a dream 

that next year won’t scare me

and I won’t scream.


Months will be long

days will be nights

I will be wrong

but there won’t be fights.


Winter will be hot 

spring will have rain

stories won’t have a plot

 with tears and pain.


I heard in my dream

that sorrow will mean 

 glee ,thrill and ice cream 

on an ocean size HD screen.


Now very well I know

all these will come true

if I let this year go.



**  Written For daily prompt.


I do not have a second to edit this poem , if I had , I could have improved at places. I hope you are happily busy with pre-thanksgiving preparations and waiting for the weekend.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

16 thoughts on “Dream!”

  1. Archita,

    That is a very beautiful picture! Make me want to take a drive down the coast in my Cruiser!


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